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Rooftop dining can truly be an ethereal experience, if you are at the right place with the right person. Well, we cannot ascertain the latter, though we can help you have him/her enamoured by the most romantic places in Delhi.   Providing a lovely vantage point for unobstructed panoramas and balmy breeze, rooftop restaurants make for some of the most memorable outings. Following is a list of some of the most exquisite rooftop restaurants in the capital city we gleaned together for you! 

QBA (Connaught Place)   The winner of several prestigious awards, QBA is one of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in Delhi. Spread across two storeys, QBA houses a well-stocked, ever-buzzing island bar on the lower level and a formal dining area on the upper. The terrace here provides you with a lovely view of the Inner Circle of Connaught Place. The ambience exudes comfort, warmth, as well as elegance. The palatial rooftop area feels practically cantilevered onto the cityscape. With beautiful placating music in the background, it can well be deemed as the ideal place for drinking with friends or a romantic hide-out. Indulge in your favourite North Indian, Asian, Italian, and Mediterranean delicacies while sipping Signature Whisky in this romantic environ.  

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  Rrala's Habibi (Saket)   With the interiors that spell royalty and elegance and the exteriors bathing in twilight, Rrala's Habibi celebrates Arabian nights in Delhi's Saket area; undoubtedly, everything here would leave you awestruck. It provides a gorgeous view of the cityscape in the heart of Delhi. This restaurant embodies the quintessential Arabian culture in its most authentic form, and charms you with its magnificent décor and ambience. Chef Ratib Al Ghriwati, along with his cohort, humbly serves these inimitable Lebanese and Moroccan cuisines with such unassuming modesty. Dig your forks and savour morsels of irresistible food and sip your favourite blends from their extensive bar menu.  

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  Thai High (Mehrauli)   Thai High at the Qutub, like its predecessor at the Ambawatta Complex, is known for its enchanting ambience. A stunning view of the majestic Qutub Minar, which can be seen up close, flanked by beautiful cabanas, flickering candles, tropical greenery, sweet dulcet of rippling water, and soothing music from all eras playing in the background, Thai High is an indescribable experience. Sample finger-licking authentic and contemporary Thai dishes, such as Kai Phad Krapaw, Black Pepper Chicken Satay, Lotus Stem Honey Chilly, and Chilly Crab prepared to perfection by Head Chef Pu. Pick your favourite spirit from their comprehensive bar menu to cleanse your palate and gift yourself this unprecedented dining experience.  

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