Best Restaurants in Mumbai for a First Date

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Planning a first date can be a real daunting task, especially if it?s with someone who you have been planning on taking out for a while. Fortunately, Mumbaikars have no shortage of romantic places for dining: there are quirky-themed pubs for those looking to establish an eccentric first impression and there are elegant fine-dining restaurants best for a traditional and classy first date. However, it is the little things that you have to look out for when planning a first date, from the setting and ambiance to the choice of cuisine and alcohols. In addition, expense is an often overlooked aspect as spending too much will make one seem like they?re trying too hard, while going for a low-budget option might be off-putting for those looking for classy company. To help you strike the perfect balance, we have listed some of the city?s more popular establishments that regularly attract crowds looking for some alone time away from prying eyes, while ensuring you don?t burn a hole in your pocket.

Chez Moi ? Andheri

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Chez Moi has a very quaint but memorable ambiance reminiscent of an authentic Italian restaurant. They have a fantastic selection of wines and the servers are extremely friendly, especially in assisting you with choosing an appropriate wine for dinner. Their signature Italian fare is a must try, especially the delicious Four Season?s Pizza and Cheese Risotto. They have recently added a few delicious deserts to their menu which we also highly recommended. Since the restaurant doesn?t get too crowded on weekday afternoons, it is an ideal venue for a first date where conversation is the main outlook.

Café Terra ? Bandra

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Café Terra is known for its romantic setting characterised by its white and turquoise décor and expansive eating section littered with high tables and chairs that are designed for couples and small groups. They also have low-seated furniture that is ideal for chill out sessions with larger groups of friends. Café Terra?s ambiance is perfect for a romantic first date and the menu is a healthy mix of oriental and continental dishes; the Chicken Peri Peri and Pollo Pollo Pizza are excellent. The alcohol is priced very reasonably, with a large peg of Signature whisky setting you back by 300 Rs. This place is a great choice for a first date where a few drinks may be needed to break the ice.

Ivy Restaurant and Bar

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Ivy does a brilliant job of making an excellent first impression. Tucked away in a quiet corner between Chembur and Vidyavihar, this elegantly designed restaurant makes for a perfect first-date venue. The dim lighting and traditional décor help enhance the romantic setting and they have placed the larger tables in the centre surrounded by the smaller tables reserved for couples and small families. This intelligent setting is perfect for couples to enjoy some privacy that is so essential on first dates. The cuisine is a delectable mix of North Indian, Mediterranean, Mughlai, Italian, and Sea Food. However, the highlight of your date will be the irresistible deserts especially if you opt for some of the freshly baked cheese cakes. encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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