Best Restaurants in Kolkata for a First Date

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Choosing a perfect venue for a first date can be a quite a daunting task. You must make sure that you choose a place that is just the right budget and romantic at the same time for a first-time meet. Too pricey, and you may seem desperate, whereas too cheap, and you might seem like you don't care enough to choose a nice venue. To help you with this, we have compiled a small list of such eateries in Kolkata that have a quaint décor and relaxing ambiance, which attracts easy-going and friendly crowd, making them comfortable venues for dates.

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Official Facebook Page of Smoke Shack Ballygunge

Located at the famous Park Plaza Hotel in Kolkata, Smoke Shack is a quaint yet elegant bistro with an extensive seating area and plush comfortable seating. The romantic setting is characterised by the subtle dim lighting and open-air veranda, making it perfect for a quiet night out. To ensure a perfect romantic setting, call in advance for seating and check what music the DJ is playing. The service might be a bit on the slow side, but the quality of food and the relaxing ambiance is worth the wait.

Bistro By The Park ? Park Street Area 

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Official Google Plus Page of Bistro By The Park

Located at the prominent Park Street Area of Kolkata, this novel establishment aims to draw in crowds with its unique bistro feel accentuated by stylish artistic interiors and calming ambiance. Their iPad menus feature a number of tempting dishes from across multiple cuisines. For a light dinner on first dates, we highly recommend the Pepper-crusted Grilled Fish and Penne Paprika, followed by Apple Pie with Ice Cream for dessert. They also have an extensive alcohol menu that includes a number of foreign and Indian-made liquors such as Signature Whisky; the cocktails and mocktails are also quite refreshing.

Starstruck, Elgin Road

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Just as the name suggests, Starstruck's flashy and art-inspired décor surprisingly manages to pull off a very romantic and lovey-dovey feel, perfect for those sappy first dates. The place is famous for its delicious Continental and North Indian cuisine, and has a regular patronage of hungry non-vegetarians mixed with the young dating crowd. Their stand-out feature is the snooker table which you can use to take a quick break while waiting for your food to arrive?an excellent way to start a conversation to break the ice with your date. encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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