Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Sector 29, Gurgaon - Melange, Gung, Seasonal Tastes

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Gurgaon, a melting pot of cultures in the area, is awash with people with varying tastes, both in their lifestyles and food. Sector 29 is known to be a place where you?d find places with motley of food and cuisines are on the offer; it is a hub for foodies. With a host of restaurants specializing in cuisines from around the world, majority of the population here enjoys experimenting. Given below are a few of the best fine dining restaurants in the area.

Melange, The Pllazio Hotel

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Family parties, corporate get-togethers, and chilling with friends ? do it all at Melange. Located in the beautiful Pllazio Hotel, the ambience is warm and welcoming, just as hotels. Experience mouth-watering at an entirely different level, as their lavish spread extends across cuisines from around the globe. Melange offers this inside their restaurant as well as the patio, where you can enjoy the cool zephyr flowing into your space. Italian Food lovers are in for a treat, as they can customize their Pizzas and Pastas at the live counter, while the rest have to trust the chef?fret not, he will not fail to impress. Desserts, like everything else served, are irresistible!

Gung - The Palace

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Gung, meaning ?palace? in Korean, truly lives up to its name?well, it even takes it up a few notches. Its ambience will enchant your senses as soon as you enter; private cabins, cubicles, and open sitting are offered along with some lip-smacking appetizers to kick-start your meal. Meat lovers are in for a treat as their spread includes everything from Chicken to Pork and seafood. Try some signature Korean dishes, such as Kimchi Rice, Octopus, Beef Bulgogi Casserole, and the Fish Cake Soup as they will give you a whiff of the Korean shores. The staff is pleasant and unobtrusive, just how you want it to be!

Seasonal Tastes, The Westin

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Seasonal Tastes, just as the name says, is for people who enjoy ?variety? in food. Located in The Westin, this restaurant?s ambience is impeccably classy. Savor the delicious meal from the magnificent buffet spread they have on offer as they are each cooked to perfection. Each dish comes with a caption that tells you exactly what flavor you will experience and devour. However, the a la carte menu is equally enticing for those who do not prefer buffets. Bon Appetite! 

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