Best Affordable Pubs in Brigade Road - Pecos, Guzzlers, 20 Feet High

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One of Bangalore's busiest commercial areas, Brigade Road is the to go-to spot for Bangaloreans looking for their latest shopping fix. The road is home to a large number of shopping centres and retail outlets of large international and domestic brands. What adds element to these bustling hubs are the party hangouts plus there is always have a need for eateries and pubs and .For the average Bangalorean on the hunt for an affordable watering hole, we have compiled a list of some of the most affordable pubs in Brigade Road where you can grab a beer without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket.


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You cannot come live in Bangalore without having a customary visit to the now legendary bar Pecos. One of the city's first modern-day pubs, Pecos specializes in providing Bangaloreans with affordable drinks while also maintaining an air of a premium pub. A good haunt for beer lovers, their options of different drafts and extensive range of finger food options are a high-selling point and the reason why the place has managed to retain its old charm. Retro music lovers will take to this place like a fish to water, with classics such as Deep Purple and Dire Straits regularly being played. First time visitors should surely try the Chilli Pork and Beef Pepper dry, and if you're a vegetarian, you cannot go wrong with the Paneer Tikka or Veggie Taco.


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Unlike most bars in the Brigade Road area, Guzzlers has focussed on providing the locals with a place to kick back with a few drinks and good music, while keeping the prices to an affordable minimum. The place has an easy-going air about it and is designed with a traditional dive bar in mind. The bar menu features all the standard alcohol options including popular foreign and Indian brands and a good collection of beers as well. The food is also standard bar-fare, with a good range of kebabs and Chinese starters that will go well with a peg of some Signature Whisky or a tall glass of chilled beers.

20 Feet High


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If you want to grab a few drinks while also gorging on some yummy non-vegetarian food, then 20 Feet high is the place to be. The place has a nice décor characterised by the wooden ceiling and surrounding trees giving you the feeling of dining in a forest. The place is best known for its delicious sizzler steaks and other continental fare. The Buffalo Wings and Hot Mexican Chicken are some of the stand out dishes and perfectly complement your choice of beer or whisky. For an authentic yet affordable gastropub experience, few places come as highly recommended as 20 Feet High.

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