Bangalore House Mafia

A look at EDM?s increasingly popularity in clubs and among Bangalore DJs Even as Electronic Dance Music?once an all-embracing term for anything that has a steady beat and constant groove?now sports a variety of genres, House remains the popular genre among Bangalore?s lively nightclubs. The sub-genres are well-known: House, Trance, Dubstep, Drum N Bass? that?s to name only four of as many as 210 sub-genres that are listed by Wikipedia?read But despite the apparent variety available to DJs, most of them said that the prevailing music in Bangalore clubs is House, the most generic of EDMs genres. Because the music is often more tuneful than other genres, it is more easily understood.

DJ Rishi Sippy said, ?All the DJs are playing (it), since the roots of all dance music lie in House. Also, like the term ?EDM?, a lot of mainstream pop music is also referred to as ?House? because it follows the same structure. ?This commercialisation of House is what has made it popular among the masses, as well as the DJs who have been pushing this music over the years.? Are any other genres (like Drum N Bass and Dubstep) as popular as House?   DJ Vageesh, aka ?DJ  Mr.Ee?, had insights. ?Drum N Bass and Dubstep are two genres where the listener has to completely

understand and get involved with the music,? says Vageesh. ?It?s been around, a few DJs in India do play these genres and they have followers, but it?s still a limited audience?not everyone wants to experiment with these new genres.?

The standard set list of DJ Sid?who along with DJ Ganesh spins regularly at Bangalore?s High Ultra Lounge?mostly features House. ?House music is really big in Bangalore, and I personally love to play it,? he said. ?House music is happier, with lots of vocals, groovy basslines and a bouncy feel. Also, Bangalore has better access to this music now than in the past, since it?s being played on radio, TV, and online portals.?

Where To Find EDM In Bangalore?

Pebble ? The Jungle Lounge: Staying true to its name with a jungle motif, Pebble is a well-established fixture of Bangalore?s nightlife, and is located on Bellary Road. While their timings may be somewhat constricted (7pm ? 11:30pm), they play some great electro and house music, with trance music on the weekends. Loft 38: With a rich and classy ambiance, Loft 38 is situated on 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, beckoning to the sophisticated party-goer. With a cover charge of Rs. 1500 for two, their resident DJ?s play a mix of house and hip-hop music, with different DJ?s on Fridays and Saturdays for a variation in style. Timings are from 12:30pm till 11:15pm from Sunday to Thursday, and till 1am on Fridays and Saturdays. F-Bar and Kitchen: Much like the fashion brand it?s under, the ambiance and décor of this nightclub screams abstract design. Their timings are from 7pm till 1am on Fridays and Saturdays, and till 11:30pm from Sunday to Thursday, with a cover charge of Rs. 1000 for weekdays and Rs. 1500 for weekends. Situated on Cunningham Road, this party location will entertain your ears mostly with commercial house, and with a special Bollywood music slot on Fridays. Skyye: A skyward-facing playground for those who can be a little more liberal with the green stuff, Skyye is built to the standards you would expect from being a part of the UB City building on Vittal Mallya Road. With timings from 5:30pm to 1am on Fridays and Saturdays, and till 11:30pm from Sunday to Thursday, their cover charge of Rs. 2500 per couple only applies on Fridays and Saturdays, and is redeemable for food and drink. High Ultra Lounge: Located on the rooftop of the city?s World Trade Center in Malleshwaram, this swanky joint is a definitive statement of lounge luxury and nightlife. Their charges are understandably a bit steep (Rs.2600 + tax for couples, excluding alcohol), and their timings are similar to Skyye; but what you get in return is some fine wining and dining set to commercial lounge music, with some new-disco sounds set for the dance floor.

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