After-partying @ Park Street, Kolkata - Veda Lounge, Roxy, The Bridge

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Kolkata is a city full of energetic people. Populated majorly with youngsters and those in their early 30?s, every one of them likes to enjoy and unwind during the weekend. However, post-party madness holds a special place in everyone?s heart, and what better place to do so than the iconic Park Street? Scattered with scores of popular pubs and bars, this is the ideal place to be for every party goer as well as after-party maniac. Given below are some of the most popular bars to hit after parties at Park Street.

Veda Lounge

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Appetizers, alcohol, hookah, music ? you name it, they got it. Located right at the center of Park Street, finding this place is a cinch. Get welcomed to Veda Lounge with beautiful lights that give the place a classy feel; the chandelier will take your breath away along with mirrors that set the perfect party mood. Enjoy a variety of different hookah flavors while you sip on your delicious cocktail and nibble on your sumptuous appetizers. Enjoy the Fish & Chips as they are made to perfection; crunchy from outside yet soft and juicy from the inside. All in all, this is one of the best places to visit after a party as it ensures you start another.


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When you think of nightclubs in the ?City of Joy?, few clubs bring you more joy than Roxy. Let the magic of this lounge enchant your senses as you dance all into the night; groovy tunes from yester years as well as latest hits are played by the DJ. Sip your perfectly blended cocktail while smoking your signature cigarette without hassles of leaving the premises as Roxy is gifted with a smoking room as well. Popular cocktails are the LIT and Bloody Mary, both of which are made to perfection. Known for its kebabs, do not miss the opportunity to have the time of your life as the chef makes them better than any place else in the city.

The Bridge

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For those of you that enjoy a full course meal, look nowhere else as this place ?bridges? that gap. Everything from the soup to starters, main course, and desserts are impeccably made. This place is nothing short of a gastronomical delight as each dish is made with just the right amount of spices and flavors, thereby making it a delight to eat. Drink the delightful cocktails or mocktails as they complement your meal well; the courteous staff is a cherry on the top. Experience this place?s tranquility whether you sit indoors or outside as its ambience will soothe your senses.

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