Afraa-indship day – Celebrate Friendship Day The Afraa Way

A true friend is the one who scolds you when you’re wrong, laughs with you in your joy, cries in your pain, and loves you for who you are. Though every day is a day for friendship, but blame it on our lives that we don’t get to meet them often or sit back over a drink. We at Afraa perfectly understand that how you miss those moments of togetherness, and thus we have planned this gala bash on International Friendship Day, August 2nd. It’s never too late to rekindle that spirit of friendship, and as Ally Condie says, “Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled…” I am sure that, somewhere, your roots with your friends are still attached. Come down to Afraa, we have the best possible party planned, and here’s the list of what we have on offer that night:

Best Lounge in Town         

Best Lounge in town- Afraa

Well, this is what our patrons say. We just nod in agreement

Four Fabulous DJs

Not one, nor two, but our line-up for that evening has four fantastic DJs in charge of the console. We have DJ Rhea, famed for her brilliant gig at D.U.S.K and Sky Fest, and we have DJ Jimmy, who has performed at the ICC World Cup 2011 at the Eden Gardens. We also have DJs Roni and Sunny, the upcoming studs of DJing and already have performed at the coveted D.U.S.K festival

Food to die for

If you happen to come down, don’t forget to order Afraa’s special mixed meat grill platter or the Rosemary and roasted garlic chicken. Also, don’t miss out on Scottish Salmon and Mediterranean grilled veggies with tomato and basil sauce. You won’t regret my suggestions, have faith

Drinks Galore

Don’t forget to accompany your food with some exclusive wine, procured from Italy and France. Try our shooters, and if you please, some classic cocktails. Our expert bartenders are freaking good at it. You may also order the old and faithful Johnnie Walker Blue Label or a large pouring of Ciroc or Smirnoff. All izz Well, sir

Smirnoff Experience

Any party is incomplete without the Smirnoff Experience. And when its Friendship day Party, then it has to be special. Afraa and Smirnoff give a perfect platform to enjoy the party with your real friends without unfaking.

I have given you reasons to be here and not somewhere else. Now the choice is yours. But I would still suggest that pull out your phone, call that friend who you haven’t spoken to for quite some time now? Then you can call us up and reserve a table. We are waiting for your call. And don’t forget, if you have good friends, no matter how much life is sucking, they can make you laugh. See you @ Afraa.

For details please call - +918820152345 encourages you to Party Responsibly!


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