A Guide to Throw the Best Pajama Party

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For all you ladies out there, perhaps one of the most avant-garde ways for you to have an indulgent weekend is calling your friends over the weekend and throwing a pajama party. Also referred to as a slumber party, the conventional way to throw a party usually involves young girls, donning pink pajamas, having pillow fights, discussing love lives, and hugging teddy bears while going to sleep. However, we believe the concept of a pajama party can be given a whole new touch. So below are some steps you ought to follow to host a memorable pajama party:

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  • Do not gender discriminate. Invite your guy friends as well. They may be a tad bit reluctant though, since sleepover parties are usually seen as a ?girl thing?. However, a promise of surprising them with all the planning you have done to challenge the stereotypes will be alluring enough. Also, make sure they follow the dress code.
  • The venue will obviously be your house. Keep it casual by arranging some bean bags, mattresses, and cushions. A bit of dim light setting will also go well with the mood.
  • Blur the boundaries. Set up an Xbox with games like Smack Down, Need For Speed, Counter Strike, and the likes, and spilt your friends into teams (girls vs. boys).
  • Ensure the table is always full with chips and other munchies. You could also make some dips at home. Depending on the time you plan to invite your friends, order food accordingly. If they are dropping in early evening, ordering dinner would make sense. If not, the munchies would do.
  • A party with friends is incomplete without alcohol. Black Dog Whisky would be your best bet to relax and unwind with your loved ones. Make sure there is an array of mixers for guests to choose from.
  • Such a get-together calls for some catching up to do (keeping up with tradition). A few cheeky drinking games like ?Never Have I Ever?, ?truth and dare?, and the likes would raise the temperature in the room.
  • The choice of music is very important since your party will be during odd hours. Play some placid music like jazz and blues which will be ideal for the mood of the party.
  • Lastly, ensure everyone has space to crash.


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