A few home-brewed ideas for FIFA house party

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It is that time of the year. It is when football fans cluster together and go stark raving crazy to celebrate what is arguably the greatest sport in the world. The reason for this festivity is of course the ongoing FIFA World Cup, a tournament that transcends boundaries and brings the whole world closer. Surely then, one cannot trifle with the arrangement of watching the hottest fixtures. Well, one of the major deterrents with Brazil hosting the 20th World Cup this year is the match timings. Nevertheless, this festivity is overwhelming, and viewers do not mind burning the midnight oil. This makes for an ideal time to host a FIFA house party. Ole Ola!

We suggest you to religiously follow the steps below that would promise you some unbridled hilarity:

Step 1: Huge Screen

A flat-screen TV in your living room coupled with a home theatre system to amplify those faintest catcalls in the audience to give you a stadium-like feel. If you have a projector at your disposal, nothing like it. Arrange for enough bean bags by the sofa to lounge about. You might want to draw an ?LOC? dividing supporters of two different teams to dramatize the whole experience. You could even go further and put up mascots and flags of the two battling nations.


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Step 2: Dress code

One of the most distinctive attributes of a football maniac is his/her collection of jerseys. Ensure that everyone strictly follows the dress code of wearing the jersey of their favourite teams. After all, what fun is it dressing casually for a FIFA house party?


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Step 3: Drinks, Food and Games

Okay so if the first requirement is bean bags, no prizes for guessing what comes second: beer pints and finger food? Swigging Royal Challenge would best complement your FIFA spirit. Arrange for some pass-around munchies and homemade yummy dips as this party will take place post-dinner time. You could also spice things up by playing drinking games such as Power Hour or Beer Pong. Go ahead, bring out the innovative side in you and invent your own drinking games based on football trivia. What more? A little bit of pre-match friendly (not really) betting can make the whole thing quite thrilling.

A sport that symbolizes friendship, thrill, and excitement can best be enjoyed with the aforementioned steps. So use up all your lung power, and cheer out for your favourite team with your folks, and make this World Cup a memorable one.

PS: Ensure that your neighbours are nice and friendly.

PPS: If they are not, well?hard words break no bones!


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