5 Reasons to attend the International evening at Calcutta Club

international eve 2014

After a tiring week at work, Saturday is the time to unwind yourself. Calcutta Club, in association with the Black Dog & Telegraph, presents International Evening 2015 on 17th January, Saturday, an annual event dedicated to the spirit of friendship among different countries, shared through the common love for food and music. Here are the top 5 reasons why you MUST attend this event without fail:

  • Authentic Tango Quartet from Argentina, which will bring to Calcutta the music from the Latin world; music that?s sure to stimulate your senses and make your feet go tapping
  • Caribbean Winds from South America that would blow your mood this evening to places far from the madding crowd. As Bob Dylan says: ?Caribbean winds still blow from Nassau to Mexico
    Fanning the flames in the furnace of desire?
  • Jewel from Vietnam with an ensemble of 6 musicians and 12 instruments, something that you perhaps have not witnessed so often

  • DJ Akbar Sami, undoubtedly India?s favorite man behind the console, and the person behind a number of party chartbusters, will play to the house. Get ready to groove!
  • And what?s unwinding sans some good food and drinks? You plates are never going to be empty and glasses will always be full.

If you are yet to collect your invitations, please do that without delay. It?s going to be a pause with Black Dog this Saturday. But as always, we urge you to unwind responsibly.

See you there!


Article By - Abhishek Sengupta

Images Courtesy - www.facebook.com/pages/Dj-Akbar-Sami,

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