To be or To be at Hoppipola

The Icelandic term 'Hoppipola' is used to describe the action of hopping into puddles and we think it's a way of telling us to hop on over to their newest outlet and check out what the buzz is all about. We checked it out and penned down 6 big reasons to make it your next hang-out Stop.

Chilled out ambiance - White walls, white wooden furniture teamed with bright blue/yellow cushions, natural lighting and colored pots hanging low with greenery sum up a modern yet environment-friendly ambiance. The roof is lined with airplanes hanging precariously which in the night sky are like shooting stars (just a bit exaggerated), and we have to add their pretty tiled bathrooms that all sum up to a great first impression for "judging by the book".

For affordable yet quality food and beverages - Elaborate and exquisite food options alongside a long list of cocktails and mocktails is a great way to entice our palate. Start with their Cheesienos or Chillitato for quick spicy beginnings. Move on to some 'Jah man's Chicken' or 'Chiseled prawns' and end in a royal style over 'His/Her Majesty's Favorite'.

 If wine is your sign then begin with the Hoppipola Alchemy, a 1 litre Sangria. Let your hair down to some yummy Vodkatini's such as 'Wild Berry' and risk it out with some Tall & Icy drinks or if alcohol is not your poison, just choose from a delicious selection of Mocktails. To sum it up fill that tummy without a hole in your pocket.

Black board Tables & Board Games - The most appealing part of this place are their blackboard tables on which you can freely scribble away while you wait for your order, or simply ponder over your tipsy-ness with some creativity. They also have a wide selection of Board games and Books to entertain yourselves with, making it a great place to pass time.

Watch sports - They have a big projector screen that often plays the best live games. A great attraction for those of you'll who love to grab a drink and bite over a good game.

Special nights - And as if it weren't enough to make you want to stop reading this article and go grab a spot at this place, they have a special "make your own drinks" night on every Wednesday, during which you can whip up an imaginary drink by actually get behind the bar pretending to be a Bartender. On other nights you will find fun interactive games engaging the audience and even free drinks to win.

So do visit Hopipolla and let us know what you thought about this awesome hangout.

Image Credit: Sindhu Sreenath, encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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