10 Reasons why the Novotel’s Pool Grind Party was Special

Novotel is one of the hottest new destinations for the party goers of Kolkata, and it is getting a lot of attention recently. They have been creating some funky events, and recently, I checked out the Pool Grind, which was a lot of fun!

Here’s the top ten reasons why it was an uncommon event.

Location, Location, Location

Situated in the heart of Rajarhat, Newtown, the location is the key feature here – the drive up to the place is amazing, especially when it rains, and if you like a long drive to a nice place, this is it!

The Amazing Bar

Once in, check out the bar! They serve up a number of great drinks, and once you have paid the cover charges, you can ask for virtually anything! Think Ciroc vodka, or unlimited beer! The drinks are chilled and the bartender is too.

The Gorgeous Design

Novotel’s design is sleek, in shades of chrome, and simply stunning! From the indoor miniature waterfall, to the lovely, airy space – complete with plenty of light, is a total delight.

The Starters

Fancy a bite of Chicken in Hoisin Sauce? Or a Spinach Vol-au-vent? The options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters are quite a few, and the fish fingers they serve up are crisp and delicious. Win!

DJs Who Makes You Dance

From Trance and EDM to Bollywood, an assortment of DJs keep you entertained for hours in the end. Watch the sun go down while you dance, there is something for everyone.

A Pool to Fall in Love with

What’s a pool party without the pool? This pool is huge, and during the rains, the experience of floating in water, with the rain hitting your face, is ethereal. As the party begun, one by one, guests started to enter the pool, and the rain made everything even more amazing.

Shaken, not Stirred

“What would you like to drink?” asked the bartender. I said, “Whatever you like”. He made me a drink which contained Ciroc Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Blue Curacao, and some fancy red stuff which I could not get. It was divine! The fact that the cocktails here are awesome is definitely a big bonus!

Stylish, Fun People

I spotted some socialites and local celebs in the crowd, chilling and drinking merrily. Some sported classy aviators and slinky summer dresses, while a couple stood out in red – matched set of informal clothes which they rocked!

Cool Props

Hats, goggles, fancy headbands – you name it, they have it. Plus, the funky neon bands that goes around your hand, and glows in the dark. As the night fell and the party got louder, the props became a fun fashion statement.

Easy Returns

One of the biggest issues that any good partygoer faces is a ride back home. Well, this party’s timeline is around 9 pm, so there’s plenty of options for return, including cabs which stand right outside the hotel. Or, you can ride in an Uber or Ola cab, which is available quite easily.

The rains are here, and so are the parties! Enjoy a fun time getting wet, and have a blast! The Poolgrind is an amazing event, and if you want to have a special day, this is.

Article & Images by Poorna Banerjee

For bookings, please call – 8584077060 / 033 4032 3333 

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