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published time By Liveinstyle published time 07 Aug, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

For party goers, it’s not the end of 2018 yet! Check the must-visit-before-2018-ends list of best bars in India! We all have a bucket list of places that we want to go visit throughout the year! So why not start here? If exploring is your love and a having a good time is your bae, sign up for this trip to the best bars in India with us!

Which are the best bars in India to visit in 2018?

First Stop, Aer, The Best Bar in Mumbai

The City of Dreams looks a little different from the 38th floor! When you think of a breath-taking view with a magnificent ambiance in Mumbai, you know you’re thinking of Aer! With the calming waves of the sea below and the evening sky painting a beautiful picture with the night, enjoy the ambiance in suave purple lights and a cocktail of your choice. With the sky for a ceiling and most Bollywood celebrities gracing the bar with their presence, Aer becomes the best bar in Mumbai for us!

Next Stop, The Black Sheep Bistro! The Best Bar in Goa

While on a summer break at the beaches of Goa, you should check The Black Sheep Bistro out. Served with the best of Goan hospitality, this bar features exclusive wines, spirits and beer lists that will please your mind, body, and soul! Sip on the innovative, hand-crafted cocktails and the sea-food and while you lose yourself in the beautiful Goan philosophy of nature and life.

Onwards, Tamasha! The Best Bar in Delhi

The ultimate fusion of curiosity and creativity, Tamasha is backed by pleasant surroundings and is an ultimate place to relax and detox yourself from your daily boring routine. With separate areas that serve as a bar, hookah lounge, and courtyard seating, there is no limit to what you can do at Tamasha if you have your gang party out here!

The Royal Bar Palladio: The Best Bar in Jaipur

Along with being a must visit place in the Pink City of Jaipur, Bar Palladio gives you access to the lavish nightlife. Its enchanting heritage interior boasts of intricate architecture and delicate designs. One of the most favourite places for tourists to click jaw-dropping royal pictures, this Bar gives you the perfect Rajasthani twist on your party night!

Someplace Else: The Best Party Place in Kolkata

“We go there every time, let's go Someplace Else!”

Located in the cultural city of Kolkata, Someplace Else is the place to be in Kolkata for all rockers!  With daily 9 hour long live music sessions, Someplace Else is the best party place in Kolkata to chill over a beer or a glass of whisky. Many legends of the music industry and the Indie music scene grace this bar. With both Indian and international rock-and-roll artists, the experience that you get at Someplace Else is hard to find elsewhere!

Skyye: The Best Bar in Bangalore

With the perfect rooftop setting in place, Skyye wins our hearts over with its over the top cocktails and the trendy crowd that it attracts every weekend! From match screenings to wild dance parties – Skyye offers it all! Indoor seating for those who want something more subtle, special in-house photoshoots for those who want to make the most of their memories at Skyye! Skyye is a trip to heaven that everyone would love to die for!

Our journey doesn’t stop simply with these awesome bars with many more to explore!

Live In Style encourages you to party hard and party responsibly!