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Be a star host by giving your other single friends an opportunity to head out and have some fun on the day that mocks them for being on their own. Hey and who knows, your master plan may lead to finding true love at this party.

Equal Mix Mixer

Make sure your mixer has a healthy mix of men and women. The last thing you need is a room full or sad, lonely people with no one to talk to. Give your guests instructions like every person invited has to bring one friend of the opposite sex. 

Valentine Party for Single with Equal mix Mixer

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My Punny Valentine

Nothing breaks the ice like a theme party. Make the theme of your party name tags, where each of your guests wears a name tag with a pun they made up or associate best with. Before you know it you’ll have your guests mingling which will leave you to mingle as well.

Singles Theme Party on Valentine

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Potluck It

One of the joys of a singles party is that you don’t need to spend weeks in advance planning. No need to think of ways to surprise her by making a reservation at that expensive restaurants with the perfect gift in hand. You can save a whole lot of money and time and just make it a potluck. BYOB and a dish. There you have it, a party ready to be had.

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Go Out

Instead of staying home, organise a singles pub crawl. Make a list of all the bars you want to hit. That way you can meet more people at the bars and have them join in the fun. Doubles everyone’s chances of becoming a double. 

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Party Games

Party games will make everyone open up and get more comfortable with each other. Have simple games where all your guests reveal a secret about themselves and put the chit in a jar. The others have to guess who it was. Now your guests know each other enough to take the conversation forward and you will be the hero host that made it happen.

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