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published time By Liveinstyle published time 02 Aug, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Posh nightclubs and fine dine restaurants in Delhi NCR aren’t to everyone’s taste. I’m not a huge fan of anything too “fancy” and it's not because I don’t like posh. Like everyone sometimes I can’t deal with suave, well-dressed and covered in brands. What everyone needs at one point is to let their hair down. Laid-back places are back in fashion.

In a pool of hundreds of restaurants standing out becomes an impossible task. Some restaurants do it very beautifully though, LiveInStyle brings to you places in Delhi are all about Unpretentious Fun:

1)   Social, Nehru Place

Even though it has just opened its doors, Social is one of the most elegant venues I’ve seen. The theme and the bar look like a real-life version of the underground metro in London but probably a contemporary version of it and I can’t say enough about the friendly servers. While all the food at the Social – from its Banarasi Patiala to its Killer Kebab Platter – is about as delicious as it gets, the people working there are nothing but warm and welcoming.

2)   FLYP @ MTV

MTV is pure entertainment and we have all grownup watching MTV. This cafe is therefore super special to the youth because nothing saying fresh and young like MTV does. This swanky cafe truly represents unpretentious fun. Located in the Outer Circle of the famous Connaught Place open market, this cafe has done everything right to create an environment where inspiration blossoms. From the food to the vibe, everything shouts MTV, everything shouts unpretentious. Step into FLYP and you’ll agree with what we have to say!

3)   Raasta, HKV

We have always seen Caribbean people as relaxed, artistic, musical and unpretentious. Raasta in HKV truly captures the spirit of the Caribbean culture in its restaurant. Reggae music paired with delicious food and International artists like Diana King perform regularly at the restaurant. Catch yourself some unpretentious action there! Call +917210115299 to book a table.

4)   High5 Cafe and Bar, HKV

Sufi Nights, Sheesha and Smirnoff drinks are all what this place is about. Alliteration aside, the truth is that  High5 Cafe and Bar is designed to surprise you. It has musical artists in almost all genres playing or if you would simply like to chill and enjoy an unpretentious place with your friends, well then look no further. Artsy walls, perfectly designed interiors and several cuisines like American, Chinese, Italian and North Indian, High5 Cafe and Bar has it all.

Sometimes, a beer with friends just isn’t enough. Delhi NCR has many unpretentious restaurants that are going to make relaxing on a weekend a little more easy than it usually is. Leave your formals behind and kickback with a Blue Label on the rocks! 

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