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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 28 Nov, 2017 Share image 4122 Shares

Even before you step into the all-new China House Lounge at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai, you can sense that a journey of marvel and mystery is about to unfold. Put it down to the intimidatingly expansive lattice work that separates the space from the outside world — imperial, yet inviting. A wall glazed with golden medallions leads on to the entrance, but summons you to stop a moment to peruse its wonders. Inspired as they are by the Chinese trading houses of lore, these are no ordinary medallions. Between multi-masted treasure ships, pretty pagoda patterns and exquisite floral motifs, you are greeted by a familiar friend — the Johnnie Walker Striding Man. Look again, and you will spot an iconic bottle or two… and thus our journey progresses.

In its original avatar, China House has been the venue for many a memorable night (click here for that trip down memory lane), but this all-new edition of the popular lounge is making history even before it opens to patrons on December 2.

This is the first time Johnnie Walker has collaborated with a venue in India, to offer its audience an exclusive Johnnie Walker experience. Like the iconic brand itself, the collaboration is distinct but subtle — easy to discern by connoisseurs with a keen eye for detail. From the mesmerising medallions at the entrance, to the Johnnie Walker Mural ‘PDR’ (read ‘Private Dining Room’), the Johnnie Walker Striding Man makes repeated appearances in the most tasteful way possible. His presence isn’t overtly obvious or jarring; instead he lends a certain air of distinction to the beautiful brick-walled lounge with its private niches and plush sofa seating; set around a large central bar and generous dance floor.

Though it has yet to debut in its revamped glory, one can tell that China House Lounge loyalists will be back in droves — and they will not be disappointed. Personally, we can’t wait to return to the Johnnie Walker Distillery Corner, where high-rollers will no doubt close deals in plush comfort as they enjoy a tasteful tipple.

Image Credits: SVK; China House Lounge

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