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A first of its kind initiative where Chris Gayle and mixologist Ami Shroff opens a world of drinks by making customized cocktails with ingredients from your fridge.

Bangalore, 9th September, 2016 – Smirnoff, the world’s No.1 Vodka opens a world of drinks for its fans by having cricket legend Chris Gayle and celebrity mixologist Ami Shroff come together on 11th September to make customized cocktails with ingredients from your fridge.

Smirnoff Present Cocktails with Chris Gayle

Smirnoff triple distilled vodka is not just the purest vodka, but is the most inclusive mix to make amazing drinks. To participate, on 11th September simply Instagram or Facebook or Twitter a picture of your fridge with #SmirnoffWorldofDrinks and you stand a chance to have Chris Gayle and Ami Shroff look at what is inside your fridge and create an unique and customised cocktail for you from what they see. The video of Chris and Ami crafting this personalized cocktails will be immediately uploaded on Smirnoff’s social media handles dedicating it to the consumer.

“Millennials today are looking for new and exciting cocktails and with Smirnoff we want to showcase how easy it is to come up with some amazing drinks from what is available within your fridge. With Chris and Ami as our bartenders for the day, almost real-time social media engagement and the personalized cocktail videos we are attempting to demonstrate to our consumers how simple and fun it is to open up a world of drinks within their homes,” says Nitesh Chhapru, portfolio marketing head at United Spirits.

When mixing up cocktails and all things social with SMIRNOFF Vodka, always remember to do so responsibly. For additional information, please become a fan of the “Most Liked” vodka brand at


The SMIRNOFF brand, the world's number-one selling premium spirit and the top-selling vodka by volume, in the United States, traces its heritage back to 19th century Russia. As the most awarded vodka brand in the world, SMIRNOFF has always been known for quality and is enjoyed responsibly in 130 countries around the world.   For more information, log on to  

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“I love playing the bartender and entertaining at home with interesting cocktails. Smirnoff mixes beautifully with almost everything and I am looking forward to the challenge of coming up with amazing drinks from what is in people’s fridges” adds Chris Gayle. encourages you to Party Responsibly!