A dining experience at The Westin Mumbai Garden City with Singleton: A Single Malt Experience

For lovers of fine dining and world-class cuisines, The Westin, Mumbai has always been a place to reckon with. This time, they bring to you an exclusive dining opportunity, paired with curated single malt, to give you an experience that you would not overcome easily. A Single Malt fine-dining event will see the start of an exciting promotional offer of enjoying Singleton, the exclusive single malt all this month at all their dining venues.  A Single Malt dining experience at Westin is one experience that you would not let go for sure. We are giving you few more reasons on why you can’t afford to miss out on this. Take a quick look:

The perfect place to spend time at: Already appreciated for their brilliant ambience, The Westin is a perfect spot to unwind. Add to it some brilliant food and fine single malt. Life usually doesn’t get better than this…or it does? Come and see for yourself

Diageo brand Ambassador Nick: Drinking becomes great fun when a master blender and connoisseur personally supervises the proceeding. Expect some guru gyan on the malts and know how to make excellent cocktails.

Great food and Curated Single Malt: To appreciate good single malts, you need good food as accompaniments. This is precisely why a plan to pair these delectable Italian and Indian dishes with fine scotch has been put in place.

Westin Hyderabad

The Single Malt experience: Now you see, whiskey is not an everyman’s drink. It requires one to develop some serious palate for it. Single malt is an exclusive drink…so, sip it slowly, roll it on your tongue, feel the mystic mountains of Scotland letting open their gateways on your tongue, and then, gulp it down. Don’t forget to smell it deeply before you take your first sip…

Executive Chef designs the menu: The master creator puts his foot down and creates some dishes that are for sure to stay in your memory for long