Salubrious 2nd Year round the ‘Social’ trail!

Raving up was never as exhilarating as until we became Social, literally! Social HKV, Delhi rejoiced their 2nd Anniversary and for all reasons fairly legitimate. Seen enjoying the soiree were actors, socialites and designers.

Riyaaz Amlani and Papa


Riyaaz Amlani, if not the foremost, is definitely the crucial runner in the trade of amassing communities via his outlets. True to its name, Social has changed the way Delhi works, collaborates and chills. Have a look at how has this casual-looking place revolutionized the way the Capital whoops it up.

Social-ising Always

Ground floor acts as hobnob that’s majorly set aside for lazy meanderers and love-drenched doves – the spiral staircase whirls up the wind under your wings to soar higher.  The room is an effective professional den by the day with paraphernalia in place. You could rent out the space and write your anthems over hot cuppa and conjure up ingenious ideas inhaling the same air as the intellectuals around or, for all you know; sitting next to an entrepreneur you might just bag yourself a lavaliere.

Musically Yours

By the evening this outright convivial hub converts into a crazy stomping ground for wassailers. Adding to their excitement is groundbreaking music. Social is known for providing the new bands, groups, acclaimed artists and international Djs a platform to perform – cheering their flair. Famous artists and groups have taken the crowd by storm and have had them revel in till the wee hours.

Molecular Mixology

Constant innovation behind the bar by endowed mixologists has resulted in some delectable objects d’art - fascinating to the eye and divine to the palette. Party-goers have taken a penchant to these inventive drinks – value for money amazing tipples for the dark hours.

View Arrest

Overlooking the quaint lake and luxuriant green, who wouldn’t want to hold back a corner evermore? I would. An absolute ecstasy is to let raindrops run across your strain as you sit on the terrace looking below and beyond just a handful of clones and old architectural marvel.

This article is conceptualized and written by Saumya Chandel encourages you to Party Responsibly!


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