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published time By Liveinstyle published time 31 Jul, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

Playboy Club, Mumbai

The city of dreams is the perfect destination for all of those looking for a wild night out with all your friends. With great decor and amazing food, the Playboy Club checks all the markers for the best destination to have the time of your life. Excited to get all the juicy details and a review. Well here it is.

The Playboy Club is synonymous with word Party. It is the epitome of the expression “Paint the Town Red”. With decor that gives out the best possible vibes to let loose and give in to the beats. The bar is absolutely amazing. Everything you could wish for and so much more is available here. From good beer to a great scotch that leaves a nice warmth as it runs down your throat, they have it all. The Dance Floor is known for its sick beats and the great atmosphere. Also the crowd here almost never disappoints. With an energetic group of people and the craziest tunes ever.  Sometimes you make memories and sometimes these memories leave a mark. It's exactly that way with the playboy club. A pint of Beer here costs about Rs. 300, so it's always easy on the pocket. Saturday nights are EDM nights, for all the guys and girls who love Avicii, The Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta. The Playboy Club has 2 dance floor so it's twice the fun. With great ambiance and perfect lighting, the Playboy Club is the perfect spot for first time party-goers. Also always remember it is important to know what is the time to go to the pub. You don't want it to be too crowded nor do you want it to be too empty. For the Playboy Club the best time to visit is just before 12 AM. When you are here please do try out the finger food. The Playboy Club is known for its little snippets of heaven.

Playboy Club, Mumbai

The city’s nightlife gives Mumbai its character and it is clubs like Playboy that make this nightlife so special. From the food to the booze, from the beats of the groovy tracks to the huge dance floors the PlayBoy Club is so very inviting. So if you’re looking for an enthralling night out, an experience that plays in your mind and gives you goosebumps and an adrenaline rush even after it has ended. Then you need to hit the place today with your gang. Touted as one of the best places for clubbing, you can never go wrong while picking this one for a wild night. Stay tuned to LiveInStyle as we bring you the latest reviews of pubs, lounges, and restaurants around you!

Image Credits: Playboy