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published time By Liveinstyle published time 31 Jul, 2017 Share image 0 Shares


Located in The Peninsula Grand Hotel, Sakinaka is the Opa! Bar and Café that is oh-so-famous for its out of the world Sheeshas and lovely ambience. Opa! Offers a wide variety of dishes ranging from Arabian, Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisines. The best part about the place is that it even provides the same feel of consuming the food from its heritage.

It is a very easy to locate the place as it is situated right opposite to the Sakinaka Metro Station, on the rooftop of the the Peninsula Grand Hotel. They provide a Valet parking area and private dining area. They also have live music and live sports screening.

The place is dimly lit and is not too bright or too dark. It completes the Arabian look with a few palm trees, tents, cabanas and fountains. The extremely comfy couches, intricately carved chairs, colourful curtains and cushions transports you into a dreamy Arabian land. The beautiful fountain that illuminate the environment is sure to relax all minds. They also play Middle Eastern music to complete the effect. They are very famous for their live performances and events. They have special nights when they play beautiful Sufi Music. Every Thursday night they play live Acoustic and Folk songs and every Friday night is a pumped up DJ night. This bustling energy in the suburbs is sure to keep your feet on your toes. It is always filled with really fun loving, decent and classy crowd. This place makes sure to savour the upbeat night life of Mumbai.


It’s a rocking party place with a good amount of dancing space and gets people tapping their feet. They provide a very interesting menu that gives justice to the food served. There are plenty of choices for the sheesha buffs and cocktails giving the customers a wide variety to choose from. The flavours and spices in the dishes would give your taste palette, a Middle Eastern tour. They have a really unique Mediterranean spread. Some of their delicious appetizers include Double Date (dates stuffed with goat cheese and pistachios), Traditional Falafel with Pita (Cutlets made of Chickpeas served with Tahina and Pita Bread), Traditional Hummus (Mashed Chickpeas blended with Tahina and Olive Oil), Hot Mezze Platter (consisting of Shish Taouk, Adana Kebab, Chunks of Chicken and Chips and Vegetables) and more. They also offer a great range of eye opening coffee, shakes, tasty mocktails and fine wine.

The location, the ambience and the food completely focuses on quality and stays true to it. Stay tuned to LiveInStyle as we bring you the latest reviews of pubs, lounges, and restaurants around you!