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published time By Liveinstyle published time 31 Jul, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

Mumbai's Finest Rooftop Lounge: The Dome - Intercontinental

The sea has always been special for Mumbai and we at LiveInStyle couldn't agree more. Been there since forever it is the one thing that doesn’t change in this ever changing city. It is one of the few things that makes an outsider fall in love with this tough city. As for Mumbaikars, ask them about Mumbai and the first thing that they will describe is the sea. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the sea completes Mumbai and anything related to the sea is special for a true Mumbaikar. This is one of the reasons why everyone in Mumbai loves Dome, a fine dining lounge in Mumbai city. Overlooking the sea this place is paradise on a terrace. That’s right, it is a rooftop lounge. This is another beautiful quality of the place that adds to its charm.

During daytime, the guests prefer taking a seat inside. But as the sky turns a fiery red in the evening the cool breeze from the sea, the music of the roaring waves and the shades of red, orange and yellow smeared across the canvas of the sky create the perfect setting for a heavenly meal that should be enjoyed outside. The vast sea on one side and the expanding city on the other spread out before you as you enjoy the most delicious of dishes here and sip the most delightful of drinks. This brings us to the food and the beverage part. The food menu is flooded with finger food of all kinds to nibble on, presented creatively to you. Pizza squares bring the flavor of Italy and Sushis and Sashimis bring the taste of Japan. To add some desi tadka they have steaming Chicken Tikkas and Kebabs that are just too hard to resist. Tiramisus, Brownies and Cheesecakes add sweetness in just the right way. The wines, both red and white, and champagnes dance elegantly in the glasses, while whiskies of all brands sit in classy decanters. Beer bottles ready to be popped open and cocktails give company to scotch, vodka and rum and other beverages that the lounge proudly exhibits in its bar.

Mumbai's Finest Rooftop Lounge: The Dome - Intercontinental

As the sky turns grey and then into velvety black, candles are lit and the pool glows a beautiful blue. The blaring horns of cars, screaming people and all other noises of the city drown and you can hear just two things, the waves of the sea crashing on the shore and the melodious music played live for you. All of this together creates such a serene and exhilarating ambiance that you forget all the troubles of the day and just enjoy the moment you are in. The ambiance works like magic for those out on a date with their partners and romance fills the air. The white couches and candles complement the mood. The necklace of pearls gleams at night and its view from here is simply breathtaking.

Birthdays, anniversaries, romantic dates, family meals, or simple hangout plans with friends, everything gets extra special at Dome. It is here that you get to see the nightlife of Mumbai through a completely different lens. Maybe its the food, or the drinks, or the sea, or maybe it is just something in the air of this place that makes it so uniquely perfect.

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