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Glocal Junction, Worli

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. The land where everything changes and grows too quickly and where people have no time to stop and notice anything around them. It is not easy to make a mark for oneself in such a city. But there have been some wondrous creations and initiatives that have managed to bring the always running population of Mumbai to a halt and grabbed eyeballs. The name that comes first to one’s mind while thinking of names that succeeded in doing so is Glocal Junction. The name itself is so striking that you stop and pay attention to it. Well, the name is a combination of the words global and local and that defines the concept behind Glocal Junction. An all day dining restaurant and bar, it aims to bridge the gap between global and local through their food for those who are global yet their love for local does not die. To achieve this they have come up with an interesting idea of transforming the best of global dishes by giving them a taste of regional cuisines of India. It is this unique idea that struck a chord in the hearts of the people of Mumbai. Apart from conquering cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad Glocal Junction set foot in Worli, Mumbai and spread its magic all over the city in no time.

The 5000 sq ft. sprawling place is a double treat for people. During daytime it is a quiet restaurant perfect for peaceful meals but as dusk falls it transforms into a party hub with the grooviest of tracks blaring from the speakers. The interiors are a beautiful blend of elegance and simplicity with a slightly rustic touch to match the energetic vibe that the entire place exudes at night as it takes the form of the coolest party spot in the city. No fancy furniture, just basic tables and chairs, some minimalistic yet classy decorations and aureate lighting.

Glocal Junction, Worli

Now coming to the food menu. Well, that is a beauty in itself. From Arab ki Thali to Roti Rumali they have it all. Greek salad, chicken cooked in Lebanese spices and Jodhpuri Chillies, the variety here will drive you crazy making it difficult for you to choose a few when you would want to try it all. Desserts? Oh! they are pure bliss. Masala chai panna cotta, Beeramisu and Kalkatta paan cheesecake will make you want to indulge to your heart’s content.   Vegetarians, non vegetarians and even eggitarians, its a party for all. Now coming to the bar menu. Drinks in all colours and all tastes are poured in some of the coolest containers brought straight to you from the bar. Chardonnays and Shiraz and a lot more sit proudly in their bar waiting to be relished by you.

Glocal is high not just on food and booze but also on entertainment. Live sports screening for future Messis and Kohlis and Karaoke and live music for music lovers.

All of this explains why people from all walks of life and of all kinds of taste are drawn to this place like a moth to flame.

At a time when all other eateries are busy trying to win the rat race by going international and ending up serving the same food, Glocal Junction treads a different path, doing its own thing by keeping the local magic alive in the hearts and lives of people.

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