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published time By Liveinstyle published time 01 Aug, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

C. S. Lewis once said, “Friendship ... is born at the moment when one man says to another - What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .’’ Our friends are often as crazy as us, at times even more. But without them, life would be so very dull. Our lives have gotten busy, and rarely, we find time to spend an entire day with friends, chatting, gossiping, and drinking, without having to worry about the targets or the meetings next day. Why not do this on this friendship day? I know, you will argue that do we need a special day to celebrate friendship? No, you don’t.  Think of it as just a day you will spend with no one else but your friends. They deserve you and you deserve them, right?  I will quickly point out at the places where you can have a perfect day out with friends. Take a look:

  • Bakstage, Salt Lake :

Lonest Bar Kolkata New Year Celebration

Now this place needs no further introduction. Already a hot favourite among the city’s partymongers, this place boasts of an ambience to die for, great food, a well-stocked cellar, and THE LONGEST BAR COUNTER. Of course, this place has fantastic music playing all the while, including live gigs. Can it get better? Call - 98837 53337 to book your tables.

  • Country Roads:

Country Roads Kolkata New Year Celebration

New entrant in the list, but with its in-house microbrewery and the bachelor pad like setting, this place has fuelled a lot of enthusiasm among the crowd. Order the Scottish ale along with the some crispy chicken wings in garlic sauce, and you can indulge in a chat session for hours. Call 9066025279 now!

  • Afraa:

 This place too, needs no re-introduction. Classy interiors, an open air hangout zone, great food, a brilliant bartender, and excellent stock of booze, this place is a perfect getaway for friends. Try the shooters for sure, along with some pizza. Cocktails with ciroc can be another thing to try. Call 8820152345 now!

  •  Hoppipola:


Eat, play, drink. This place has got the message put across clearly. A happening place with lot of fun activities lined up for the patrons. The food’s good, so are the drinks. Fun part is you get crayons to draw on your table. So, ensure that you visit this place with a bunch of crazy guys only

  • The Irish House:

A piece of Ireland in the heart of Kolkata. The old worldly settings and the excellent array of alcohol offered, makes this place a hot favourite. Spacious, great music, good food…a perfect place to spend a lazy day with friends. Call 81002 53778 now!

  • TGIF:

Quintessentially American, this place has an amazing offering of steaks, burgers, fries, and beer. Go for the mozzarella sticks and classic American pizza. You don’t regret

  • The Grid:



With its quirky food menu and lego-style bar counter, this newly launched place has already started having a loyal set of patrons. Must try items are the pizza and the whiskey cobbler , tequila , big island ice tea, and the old and faithful LIIT

I have given you the choices. Now the call is yours. Connect with your friends, and if you have fallen out with someone, it’s time to reconnect. See you there! encourages you to Party Responsibly!