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If you thought that the names of some of these themed party places in Hyderabad are unconventional, you should check out the interiors. Surreal, nostalgic, trendy, etc. are the words that best describe these party places in Hyderabad including their amazing and mesmerizing decor. LiveInStyle brings you a list of themed party places that will leave you in awe.

Beach House: 


This is a cool beach-themed lounge. Aside from the beach-theme that helps you feel so relaxed, they serve some amazing seafood aside from the Chinese and North Indian cuisine. 


Pan Asian Dinner: 


You have to visit this place essentially for their picturesque view overlooking the city. It creates a great environment with good seating mainly in their outdoor space and the indoors are beautiful with a glass ceiling and side walls. Imagine the view when it rains, with the rain water sliding over the glass walls, absolutely serene! This place is perfect for a romantic moonlight dinner.


 The Altitude Bar

Residents of Hyderabad know that the Hussain Sagar Lake sits proudly in the centre of town. The best bars take advantage of this with stunning lake views. Altitude is one such bar, located right on the edge of the lake. Take the elevator to the eighth floor, and you’re treated to a beautiful view overlooking the water. Again, cocktails are the order of the day, and can treat yourself to one of the best meals in town. When the lights go down, you can party in style on the dance floor.



Another serious dancing hotspot, Liquids is small and intimate. There are only eight tables in this small space, but if you can get in, it’s worth the trouble! It’s an exclusive, luxurious bar with cosy, comfortable booths. Each one looks out over the city through floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s a breathtaking sight. Sundays are the club’s busiest nights, and the dance floor is always buzzing. 


 The Club : 

You know exactly what you’re going to experience when you walk into The Club. Great music, huge dance floor, and a night to remember! It’s one of the biggest in town, and never feels too crowded. There are plenty of plush sofas around the edge of the dance floor, and more than a few VIP lounges. If you can sweet-talk your way into the VIP area where you’re treated to the best scotch. It’s the perfect place to finish the night in style. 


Olive Bar and kitchen : 

A white walled bungalow, tranquil in the sunshine. Serene views over a secret lake. White cobblestone stairs that wind past windowsill flower beds spilling colour. Groups of friends and family, basking in the warmth of good food, cocktailsand the pleasure of living. With dusk comes a distinct shift in mood: high octane nights, where the city’s fashionable folk come to live it up. In the heart of Hyderabad, Olive Bistro is a gorgeous sun drenched Mediterranean island, always welcoming, with a big hearted, bountiful Bistro kitchen at its heart. 


Lost Society:




 If you love your stylish drinks, then head to Lost Society. The bar claims to be the first (and the best) cocktail bar in the city. The owner honed his skills in Europe, learning the precise art of cocktail making. Lost Society takes a traditional approach to drinks, making sure you get your cocktail exactly how you like it. As for the decor, you’ll be blown away by the stunning white tree in the centre of the room.




The main feature of Aqua is the stunning infinity pool. It stretches out into the distance, seemingly merging with the Hussain Sagar Lake. It’s a beautiful spectacle, especially when the sun is going down, and gleaming off the water. The bar itself is located on the third floor of the Park hotel, and it’s an elite establishment. Expect high-end cocktails and great food. It’s a popular after-party destination, as it stays open much later than many of the surrounding bars.

So now that LiveInStyle has made these places known to you, go ahead and book a table at any of these establishments for your next outing and have a blast!

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