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published time By Liveinstyle published time 22 Mar, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Traversing the earthy terrains, come upon a culinary legacy so unique you’d get addicted! Celebrating the savory Punjabi cuisine, the multi-award winning, critically acclaimed, smart-casual concept under Zorawar Kalra’s Massive Restaurant, MADE IN PUNJAB, launched its new menu.

The spirited restaurant encompasses the effervescence of Punjab amalgamated with earthy-rustic and modern-chic. The spacious place pulsated with a live band that had the crowd sway to its high-octane music.

Made In Punjab - Band Performance

As the evening proceeded on melodious high notes, the cocktails curated by USL-Diageo added to the sought-after inebriation.

Made In Punjab - Cocktails

MIP has everything that would fascinate a hedonist:

  1. A space contributing to passionate get-togethers. 
  2. Charismatic décor – the lights lay incandescing across the classy expansion, the wooden furnishings impart warmth and the comfy tufted couches facilitate snug dining.
  3. A performing stage for burgeoning artists to reach out to the patrons of music and arts.
  4. A hub to celebrate the rich North Indian Cuisine – enthralling gourmet.
  5. A Grog Heaven – with innovation as the keyword, the place has few delectable cocktails to try out.

The Evening had drinks that took everyone by awe – with sobriquets conquering minds and taste, palettes; the drinks on the house were worth drooling over. Imagine: Nashili Chai (Ciroc Vodka, Gin and White Rum come together with house made chai concoction and soda on top). Amazingly picturesque and mouth-wateringly curious!

Syappa was quite inimitable and delicious – flavours one could never think of fusing before this one time (Coffee and garlic flavors blend with Smirnoff vodka to give you this risqué drink).

The most comical swig that ran me into peril of getting intoxicated out of infatuation was Jaat Risky after Whisky – Whisky shaken with house made apple cinnamon reduction, egg white and lime juice. Beautifully achived!

Highlight of the New Menu: Dan Jones, brand ambassador of USL-Diageo Reserve served creatively titled, exquisite cocktails paired with delicious hors d'oeuvres. Imagine sipping the LOL Mary paired with LOL Tikki, a 6 hour-slow preparation of cooked leg of lamb patties in mint & tomato, or the Gold Fashioned with Nalli Hard Kaur, slow braised kid lamb shanks in onions & yoghurt and the Kalmi Down paired with Kalmi Kebab, a tandoor roasted bone chicken leg in double malai marinade. The new menu is excitingly unique – it encapsulates the essence of Punjab. The inventive names draw you to try them out – it’s quite an intriguing way of having the guests try out the innovation.

USL-Diageo Reserve brand ambassador Dan Jones addedBe sure to try the LOL Mary, Gold Fashioned and Kalmi Down cocktails that taste as interesting as their names sound. Using the light, sweet smoky blend of Johnnie Walker Gold Label, the warming, rich and fruity single-malt Singleton and crisp, and citrus Ketel One vodka, these exciting cocktails are specially crafted to enhance and bring out the complexity of the rich, intense and layered flavors of the dishes at MIP.”

 “While food forms a large part of a true Punjabi lifestyle, no Punjabi celebration is complete without a cocktail to match. Therefore, innovation taking center-stage, Made in Punjab has curated its signature beverage section with equal aplomb, offering concept beverage options. Using some of the finest blends and contemporary innovations, these exciting cocktails are crafted to enhance and bring out the complexity of the rich, intense and layered flavors of the cuisine served at Made in Punjab,” added Zorawar.

This article has been written by Saumya Chandel. encourages you to Party Responsibly!