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Situated in the heart of Delhi's Connaught Place and owned by father-son duo Jiggs and Zorawar Kalra (of Masala Library and Made in Punjab fame), Farzi Café is more airy and spacious than its Gurgaon counterpart with magnificent rustic interiors comprising illustrations (French-inspired), muted grey walls, wooden tables and a live stage area topped with some groovy music.

In an interview to The Hindu, Zorawar talks about the birth of the food chain: "We wanted to bring a high energy vibe and cutting edge technology to Indian food and make it not only attractive but equally high on taste." He added, "An idea without execution is just an idea. I was fortunate enough to find an energetic, enthusiastic Chef Saurabh Udinia who was as excited about the café and the idea as I was”.

No wonder this year, Farzi Café won the title of India’s Best Bar Food at the prestigious annual nightlife and bar industry convention in association with Johnnie Walker the Journey.

So what makes this watering hole so popular among its patrons? Here’s taking a look.

NCR: Farzi Café’s Artisanal Cocktails And Well-Thought-Out Food Menu Will Surely Leave You Spellbound

Striking the right balance between its food and drinks menu, Farzi Café’s menu is definitely spellbinding to say the least. The unique menu is special because the makers have made ample effort in its presentation which includes handwritten notes and illustrations. You’ll come across quirky cocktail names such as Chai Pani (vodka with infused flavours of tea and coffee), Farzi Everest, Bottle Ka Gin, among others and you must give them a shot.

NCR: Farzi Café’s Artisanal Cocktails And Well-Thought-Out Food Menu Will Surely Leave You Spellbound

Says Zorawar in another interview, “Farzi offers a modern twist to all the traditional drinks by injecting them with an element of surprise. In fact we're presenting them in modern, cutting-edge ways".

Serving its guests “Modern Indian Cuisine”, the must-try list includes Delhi Belly (pork belly served with roasted apple slices), Hand Pulled Rogan Josh (with mint bun and diakon), and the F.F.C (Farzi fried chicken with smoked barbeque cream). There’s also their famous Keema Parantha, Paneer Makhani, Smoked Patthar Ke Kebab with Wasabi Walnut Chutney, Bhatti ka Murg with Brown Onino Raita, Bheja Fry with Fresh Coriander Cummin that you shouldn’t miss.

Now for some desserts. What you need to lay your hands on is the Milky Way or the Farzi Dirt (for chocolate lovers which is a mix of gooey chocolate, fry chocolate crumbs and khurpi) for the perfect end to a scrumptious meal.

All in all, Farzi Café’s well-thought out menu served in a breathtaking setting is all you need this weekend. Go visit!

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Where: E- 38/39, First Floor, Rajiv Chowk, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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