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Just a little over two years in, Social needs no introduction to Bangalore. After a whirlwind expansion tour of the country, Social has come back to Bangalore to roost - the new Koramangala Social is literally like nothing you’ve seen before - It’s a living, breathing ecosphere in the heart of the concrete jungle. It’s so green; you could say that it’s a jungle in itself. Showing no signs of slowdown, Koramanagala Social marks the 15th outpost of Social in India!

Koramangala Social is a stab at sustainable architecture and a product of the mass-realization of Bangaloreans that their city’s green lungs have seen better days. This, paired with the Japanese concept of Shinrin-Yoku, that promotes the health benefits of spending time under the canopy of a living forest, formed the bedrock of Koramangala Social’s design. Designed to be a café-slash-co-working space, the lush green vegetation offers driven individuals the natural healing and de-stressing benefits of nature, indoors – with Wi-Fi and beer to boot. From the floor you walk on to the high greenhouse styled glass ceiling, the space echoes the outdoors and the green earth. In the truest of senses, Koramangala Social’s unique interiors give you a feeling that nature has overrun the space.

​Located in the heart of Koramangala, the new Social in Bangalore has a massive footprint of over 13,000 square feet spread across two floors, Koramangala Social is designed to be as much an extension of the Garden City as a sign of the times we live in. Against the context of the fact that Bangalore has been losing the verdant landscape it was once known for.

A hub for freelancers, creative souls, entrepreneurs, freelancers and free thinkers looking for an exhilarating alternative to a typical work day, Social is the perfect place to bootstrap out of, collaborate or simply network with like-minded people. The 15th outlet of the largest network of co working spaces in India, Koramangala Social, boasts the largest workspace area with 100 dedicated spots with the option of travelling between workspaces across Social outlets in India. Nestled in Koramangala, the epicenter of India’s startup scene, Social is poised to give wings to the next generation of Indian unicorns.

‘Bangalore is a very special city for us because this is where it all began for Social. Since Church Street Social, with each new café, we try to push the boundaries of the brand and pay tribute to the community which we serve’, says Riyaaz Amlani, CEO & MD Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. and the brains behind Social’s success. ‘Social is more than just a café – it’s a space for inspiration, a gathering spot for communities. Every Social is unique and is inspired by its surroundings. Koramangala Social is built to harness the healing properties of the nature. To create a space that is calm, inspiring and revitalizing. We’re excited to be moving in to Koramangala, and I’m thrilled to make Namma Bengaluru a little more Social.’

‘True to its design philosophy of minimum intervention and maximum up-cycling, the anti-design theme runs right through Koramangala Social’s décor. Instead of dumping the debris from the build site into a landfill, it has been used as fillers for Gabion walls for the open terrace, and packed into the walls of the bar as well,’ says the talented Faizan Khatri of Studio Eight TwentyThree. ‘A huge 40 feet high skylight streams natural sunlight into the lower floors, nourishing both the vegetation and creative thinking. The flooring is a celebration of the most local but enigmatic natural stone, the Sadarali grey granite seen so often on the streets but mostly ignored. This along with natural solid pine-wood and tinges of metal used in various forms rounds up the design aesthetic of the space.’

Bangalore has lost close to 75% of its green cover over the last several years and in contrast to the desired thumb rule of each person needing 8 trees, the city currently stands at an alarming ratio of one tree per 7 people. With thick vegetation being an integral part of the décor and ambience, some parts of Koramangala Social look like the greens have run wild in a way that’s conducive to a sense of calm and acting as a catalyst for creativity.

Being located in a neighborhood with one of the highest density of restaurants and eateries in the country, it’s but natural that Koramangala Social hosts a brand new menu that is a mix of what it’s loyal patrons have come to rave about as well as interesting new additions. And being Social, the new additions are ahead of the curve, seeking to anticipate new tastes that patrons will enjoy, while grounding it with a sliver of the familiar. Signature dishes from Social Chhatt, like Black Label Butter Chicken, Jose's Jalapeno Chicken Tikka among others have made it to Koramangala Social. Local heroes have made their way into the menu as well. Bangalore’s very own Ghee Roast Chicken, Gobi Kempu, Pandi Curry with Ghee Rice and Gunpowder Baby Potatoes are now on the menu. There is an entirely new pasta section with delicious deviants like Keema Spaghetti, Penne with Curried Vegetables and more. And for the ones with a sweet tooth we’ve added – The Chocolate Chutzpa, Lucky's Caramel Custard and Chocolate & Peanut Butter Fondant.

Chef Shamsul Wahid, Group Executive Chef – Social, says ‘The new additions on offer at Koramangala Social is an extension of the brand’s food philosophy of serving quality comfort food and doing simple things well. The old favorites make their way across towns and cities to find their place in the new menu, and of course, being the brand that it is, the new additions are crafted to complement everything else Social has to offer.’

Koramangala Social is the third of its ilk in Bangalore, yet, in a sense, it’s also the first of its kind. Stop by to experience it firsthand, for yourself.

HOURS: 9 am to 1am [Open Everyday]

Website: www.socialoffline.in

Facebook: /SocialOffline | Instagram: @SocialOffline | Twitter: @SocialOffline

Address: 118 Koramangala Industrial Area, Koramangala 7th Block, Bangalore – 560095

Number: +91 080 - 40515253


About Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt Ltd:

Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. is a company founded by Riyaaz Amlani & Kiran Salaskar. IEHPL began its journey in 2001 with its maiden venture Mocha – Coffees & Conversations, which has been Impresario’s claim to fame. Impresario has a team of the brightest and most experienced hospitality professionals dedicated to experiential dining. Their core strength is in understanding the changing dining out habits of new young India and delivering quality dining-out experiences tailored to delight their guests. Over the years Impresario’s operations have cumulatively expanded across the country and its umbrella of brands now includes Smoke House Deli (the transformation of refined dining into casual chic), Salt Water Café (a contemporary take on timeless European cafés), The Tasting Room (quaint wine haven) and Stone Water Grill (modern world cuisine accentuated by a wood fired oven and charcoal grill) and Le Kebabiere (authentic Indian recipes with a menu that pays homage to the celebrated Kebab) in Pune.

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