VIVO IPL 2016: 8 reasons why IPL, friendship and good times go together

There will come a time when life's priorities will steal away all your privileges to have fun, but now is not that moment. It's IPL time and you need to gather up all your buddies head to the nearest pub, screening live cricket, pronto! Here are 8 reasons why VIVO IPL, friendship and good times go together

1. IPL with friends can help you rediscover your youth.

T20 is fast, it's exciting, filled with crunch situations - a perfect recipe for a thrilling experience. You can either be a total grandpa and just watch the game lying down on a sofa or you can enjoy it on a big ass screen with a crazy bunch of friends who will go nuts for every ball. We feel you will pick the latter.

VIVO IPL with friends

2. IPL can help you regain friends that were lost in time

Haven't spoken to your friends in a long time? What better way to reignite the kindle of friendship than with a cold mug of beer and a few loud cheers for your favourite players.

3. IPL can be your wingman

Do you like that special someone in your friend circle and you need the right setting and an excuse to chat up with him or her.  We have three words for you “Indian Premier, League”. All you need to do is invite the entire friend circle to watch an IPL match.

4. IPL with friends can be your therapeutic 

Work stress, family stress or even the stress induced by the bad samosa you ate last night, IPL with friends can help you forget it.

5. IPL can make you come across as a hero

It’s your chance to capitalize on great offers on food and drinks that pubs offer.  Cricket, booze and food, life is good during IPL. You can actually sponsor for everybody and come across as a very generous friend.

6. IPL can be a boon for gossip mongers

Commercial breaks between overs are an amazing time to learn about controversies and suspense revolving around your friends. It makes match even more thrilling. Engaging in gossip makes you a happier person. It’s been proven by science, don’t be ashamed…

7. IPL can be an escape from the summer heat

You might think this is silly, but you will remember these words when you sit beneath an AC of a pub, rather than beneath the heat stricken roofs of your homes. Cricket is cool sport and must be watched by cool people! 

8. IPL lets you share your love for cricket with friends

Let’s face it, there are not nearly enough tournaments as there use to be a decade ago. However, IPL, which stretches for two months, gives you enough cricketing action to make you fall in love with the sport again, and to share it among your friends. 

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