The Indian NightLife And Convention Awards Recommend To You The Best Bar Food In India

With the metropolitan food and tipple boom, there have been a rise of bar in India. And to keep the customers happy restaurant owners and chefs are equally keeping an eye out for pairing good food and drinks. In this article we look at various bars around India that have struck the right balance between their food and drink menus. These are the nominations for the best bar food at the India Nightlife Convention Awards. To book your tickets for the two-day event, click here

Social (Mumbai)

Social Mumbai Bar Food in India


All the three places in Mumbai have a distinct feel and have a duality of sorts with its café-cum-pub appeal. Everything is good here, but we would dive right into things like the hound dog burger, paired with a long island iced tea ending with a chocolate blood bath.

Chili’s Grill & Bar (Kolkata)

Looking for over the top fast food then Chili's Grill & Bar is your best bet. The menu is sumptuous, and we recommend things like fajitas, the big mouth burgers, and the quesadillas in buffalo, chicken and vegetarian options. End your elaborate affair with desserts like the molten chocolate cake and the original cheesecake. If you like margaritas and signature drinks, they have that too.

Tikki Shack (Hyderabad)

This one is a rooftop bar known for its finger food and continental spreads. This space has everything from a chilled beer to chicken chilli and everything in between.

Monkey Bar (Bangalore)

In the pub world, this is what one would call cool. Natural sunlight filters in though large circular windows set up high on the wall, and the vibrant blues and yellows on the chairs gives this space character. The space is irreverent, creative, and yet comfortable enough to sprawl across a booth. Monkey Bar is a visual treat, that's for sure. Add that with things like a regular menu and a short eats menu and you are good to go. This place is a global food hub! Order with your eyes closed.

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Social (New Delhi)

A cafe that doubles up as an alternative workplace that serves light international meals and cocktails. Focus more on their burgers and cocktails.  

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Tertulia (Pune)

If you are looking for a casual dining space in Pune then this is the right spot, and is known for its breakfast options and continental fare and specials like grilled chicken and various type of pizzas.  

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Black Sheep Bistro (Goa)

One of Goa’s modern and social restaurants paired with delicious cuisine, great wines and innovative cocktails in a fun setting. The space serves globally-inspired cuisine and is known for its wines and tipple hand-picked by managing partner and sommelier, Prahlad Sukhtankar.

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Sera Tapas Bar (Chennai)

A fun, up-beat tapas place serving Spanish and Asian small plates, cocktails and frequent live bands and DJs. Look out for spreads like grilled pork with moorish spices, bacon wrapped prawn and an array of mocktails to go.

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