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published time By Liveinstyle published time 19 Feb, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Mumbai is known for its nightlife and so the presence of a lot of bars and clubs is not a big deal. In fact, in every few days a new one sprouts in some corner of the city. However, there are some of these that make their debut with a bang and become ultimate favourites among the crowds. One such bar is Escobar, this place will definitely take you through an amazing experience of a lifetime! 

Located in Bandra, Escobar happens to be the longest bar in the city of Mumbai. The bar counter stretches out as far as your eyes can go. If that is not good enough a reason for you to check this place out then we have lots of other reasons too in our big bag of reasons to visit Escobar.  Let's get started:

First is the ambience of the bar since that is the first thing you notice when you enter a place. So the ambience of Escobar is amazing. The decor is minimalistic and classy with subtle lighting thus making it a posh bar.
The second reason has to be its rooftop ambience that makes your time spent here all the more fun especially in the evenings.
Now since it is a bar, drinks have to be reason number three. The longest bar in Bandra also has the longest menu of drinks. From Johnnie Walker Double Black to Smirnoff and the best of cocktails too!

The food is our reason number four. It is equally amazing and in accordance with the feel the name of the bar gives. Mexican, Italian, and Spanish food items are on the menu. Pizzas, Lasagne, and Chocolate Mud Pie are its specialities.

Reason number five is dancing. After all what good is an experience at a bar if it does not end with dancing the night away. The huge dance floor and the dj, both make sure that you do not stop grooving till its time to go home.

The staff at Escobar is known and appreciated for its prompt service. What you order is served to just the way you like it and without delay. That is the last and the sixth reason.


With that ladies and gentlemen, we rest our case. Incase you are looking for places to dine around you, click here! encourages you to Enjoy Responsibly!


Image courtesy:, Zomato