The festive spirit ushered in at Abcos: The best destination for party lovers in Kolkata

The city of joy is all set to indulge in the festive season, and happiness has filled the air. We have managed to bury all the negativity that bridled us for so long. It’s time to celebrate, and going with this celebratory flow, Abcos Food Plaza brings to you a few reasons to be happy.

So, without looking for any other place, head to Abcos, Salt Lake, and unwind in the festive mood. Keeping in mind the festive spirit this city has entered into, few brilliant cocktails have been planned exclusively for the patrons…and these cocktails come with a twist. Check what all is on offer:

Paan Shots:

Only a Bengali knows how important a paan can be post a hearty meal. This love affair between the bongs and paan goes back to time immemorial. Now imagine having a paan with a dash of vodka and ice cream. Sounds great? I am sure it does. A true blue bong never deters from trying new things.

Abcos Paan Shot

Rosogolla Shots:

Bengalis and rosogolla are two inseparable lovers. They quarrel over the rising price, the falling quality, and the expanding waistline…yet, they stick together through thick and thin. This cocktail is a tribute to that love story…with a splash of vodka and a hint of chocolate.

Double Puchka Shots:

From a school-going teenager to a middle-aged corporate honcho, Phuchka remains a bangali’s first love. Delhites call it panipuri, Mumbaikars call it golgappa…but the affection that lies in the name Phuchka, is unmatched. Eating Phuchka is often like looking at your teenage crush walking towards you: the heartrate increases, the expectations keep brewing. Now add a dash of tequila to it, and what you get is a taste of paradise on your taste buds .

This is just a trailer, amigos…a lot more is waiting for you at Abcos. There are few surprise cocktails that will catch you off-guard for sure. So, this festive season, be there at Abcos. encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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