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published time By Abhishek Sengupta published time 18 Oct, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Hyderabad is a unique amalgamation of tradition and modernity. On one hand, the old palaces, tombs, and relics dot the skyline, and on the other the swanky pubs and party destinations draw the young and vibrant crowd. Adding more colour to this wonderful city, we bring to you five new places in this city of nizams that have taken the crowd by surprise. Take a quick look:


  • Stone waters: This kitchen and lounge at Jubilee hills is a new entrant, but has already managed a slot in the best places to grab a drink at. A well-stocked bar, rooftop, excellent view of the city, and live music will make this place one of your favourite zones. People say that their Stuffed Chicken Breast and Smoked Grilled Chicken Salad are worth giving a try


  • Free Flow - Traffic Bar: This newby at Jubilee hills is another place that is fast catching up with the bigwigs. Appreciated for its brilliant ambience, this place also has an outdoor/rooftop seating, enviably well-stocked bar counter, a dance floor, live music, and yes, for the sports lovers, live screening of matches. The cocktails are good. The vodka chuski deserves a try


  • Prost Brewpub: This place is an answer to all hyderabadis who lamented the absence of a microbrewery in the city. Wheat beer, English Ale, Stout, and Fruit Cider deserve attention. For those with no idea of anything apart from Lager and Draught, ask for the samplers


  • Air-Live: This is for sure a star kid on the block. Nice ambience, rooftop sitting, good food, and the best part is that when you get four of your friends here, you get a 50% discount! But you gotta check and confirm with these people till when they have this offer on.


  • The Glocal:  Lovers of European food, who also enjoy good drinks, this is the place to be at! Live sports screening, outdoor sitting area, great food, well-stocked bar…what more do you want? Grilled potato skin, adana kebabs, hibblets, and Shish Taouk could not be missed


You know what? We Hyderabadis believe that celebrating life begins and ends at Jubilee hills…and see, all these places have a common address. So, bring out your car and drive straight to any of these places for a memorable evening. But avoid driving after a drink. We encourage you to party responsibly!

See you there.

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