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published time By Liveinstyle published time 21 Jan, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

With an intoxicating and biting nostalgic ambiance, Prankster will guide you down your memory lane, all while you're in good spirits. Situated in Sector 29, Gurgaon,  it is the perfect place to chill with your buds after work or catch up with your girlfriends. Sections like the mixology lab, the library, the faux scooter parking, and the amphitheater are just what you need for your Instagram feed.


Thanks to the nightlife and the amazing music,  even a Monday feels like a Saturday night. Complete with a fully stocked bar, a smoking area, live sports screening,  Wi-Fi and outdoor seating,  it is the perfect place to end the week or begin one.

The stupendously unusual menu with items like ‘Pav bhaji Zinger Burger, Sambhar cappuccino with Dosai crisp ‘, ‘ college Van spring roll’,  ‘dahi kebab‘ and ‘Chole kulche doughnut’ , will leave you breathless and confused in the best possible ways. Another awe-inspiring item on the menu is the massive ‘Happy Chicken Burger’ that serves four, but one can be sure that it'll taste so good that you will want to finish it yourself.


To accompany you and your friends at the bar,  they have perfect appetizers to steal the show.

Each thing tops the other at Prankster and the deserts are on a whole different level of perfection. ‘Malai Kebab’ and ‘Textures of Jalebi’ are showstoppers one must definitely try once in their life.

You will never get tired of going to Prankster, thanks to the array of new dishes they come up with.  They find a way to make everything from Sambhar to Tikka cool and trendy.  Prankster is food at it's best, with food presented so beautifully and tastefully you eat with your eyes first.  Somehow, this restaurant finds a way to awaken only the pleasant college memories,  with gracefulness and ease.

Any place that lets you make noise in the library,  eat pizzas in the chemistry lab, drink wheat beer while watching a game of football on a scooter is a place worthy of a visit. Prankster checks all the boxes , boldly and in style.  

If you' have good taste in music and food,  you'll fit right in. Prankster is a hearty serving of old with just the right amount of new, that every prankster at heart will love. 

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Image Credits: Indian Food Freak, Venumonk

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