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published time By Liveinstyle published time 27 Jul, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

Club Hopping In Hauz Khas Simplified!

Delhi, the city that runs at such a fast pace, the city where everybody is running and nobody has the time to stop. Well, such is city life, especially in modern times. People seldom get the time to enjoy and try out different things and explore new places. So whenever they do they try to make the most of it. They want to see it all in the little time of respite from work they get. This has now become such a big trend that it is now reflected in the culture of the city too. One of such trends is club hopping. This emerging trend has been spreading like wildfire in cities especially Delhi and Hauz Khas rules the roost!

In club hopping rather than spending two to three hours at just one club people hop from one club to another, trying out the specialties of many nightclubs in a short span of time.

Delhi is famous for its nightlife and what makes its nightlife so special are the various party hubs that have cropped up in the city over the past years. Dusk falls and all the party animals head to these hubs which include Connaught Place, Cyber Hub, Greater Kailash and many more.

However one of the most famous of these is Hauz Khas Village. Located in the posh locality of South Delhi it is a beautiful combination of history and modernity with the ancient Hauz Khas Fort and the contemporary clubs and bars coexisting in perfect harmony.

 All the city trends are formed here and club hopping is one of them. The best thing about club hopping in Hauz Khas Village is that you do not have to wander too far to switch clubs. With the best of clubs nestled together club hopping is much easier and fun here.

 So from where to where do these youngsters hop? Live In Style takes a look at the best clubs in Hauz Khas Village to go club hopping.



Club Hopping In Hauz Khas Simplified!
Social is one hangout place that is in many cities. So why not one in Hauz Khas Village too ? Being one of the most popular places in the area this one has to be on the list. Along with great drinks and amazing food, what is worthy of enjoying here is the view from this place.



Well, it is just the name that means imperfect. The place is quite perfect actually. The Italian and Spanish dishes they serve here are something you should definitely try. Another attraction of this place is its location. That’s right. It is located on the terrace. So do not miss this one.




If you’re on a budget but do not want that to come in the way of your party time then this is the place you should include in your list. With drinks at affordable prices it is a real saviour. Along with that it has music that makes you want to groove to every beat of it. Add Chinese,Italian, Asian and North Indian cuisines to that and you got yourself a pretty good deal.



When you’re club hopping you do not want to visit the same boring places the whole night. Instead you want to see something that leaves an impression due to its uniqueness. Well, then here you are. Ali Baba Caves is the place. The cave like interiors take you back to the tale you heard in your childhood and the dim lighting adds to the effect. P.S, don’t try saying “Khul Ja Sim Sim” at the entrance. It is just too lame.



To end the night this is the place you should visit last. Not because it is bad but because it is too good and the best deserves to be saved for the last. Themed on comic characters this place will win your heart instantly. Affordable beer is one of the USPs they have. Also what you don’t want to miss is their themed parties like Halloween party and their open mic nights.

Now that you have a list of clubs that you can hop to you just need to fix a date, get your gang, or even try going alone, put on your dancing shoes, wear your best attire and loads of attitude and get ready to party. Club hopping is the biggest trend of the season and going by the number of people following it we can say that it is here to stay. And not just that, it is one of the smartest trends too. After all you get to see a little bit of everything in a short span of time.

And if you have to try it then why not in the party hub of Delhi? Don't forget to check out LiveInStyle before you head out for the best pubs around you.

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