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published time By Liveinstyle published time 28 Jan, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

The gentle nip in the air is back and so is near the season of love. The closing in of February fill all the lovers’ hearts with joy. Albeit it’s true that we don’t need a particular day to celebrate love, we still need a day, or perhaps a moment, to remind that special one how much we care. On a lighter note, we can’t buy expensive gifts every day or take her out for a lavish dinner.

We, at Bakstage, perfectly understand this sentiment, and thus being in sync with all the lovebirds, we have planned an exclusive week- long celebration here to celebrate the festival of love. Starting from Rose day (7th Feb) to Valentine’s Day (14th Feb), we are geared up for the perfect love stories to be written here at Bakstage. Wake up the lover inside you and plan a perfect celebration. If you haven’t confessed of your love yet, this is the time my friends. Take a quick look at what all we have planned:

Ask for a Rose on Rose day

Valentines Day

If you are here on the 7th, ask our servers to get you a rose of any colour as per your choice. Come’n mates, take the first step! That’s how love begins…

Ishq Sufiyana – Sufi Night with Afsana

Bakstage Kolkata

Now call it sheer coincidence or the effect of love, Teddy Day (10th Feb) falls on the day when we have our Sufi Wednesday nights! But this night will be special. We have Afsana performing live, and trust me friends, there is no better way than conveying your love through music

Bhangra pa le: On 13th it’s the Kiss day and we have planned something unique! For the first time, we are going to have dhols being played inside the pub and they will play the Bhangra beats!! So experience love the Punjabi Way!

Come, fall in Love over Candle Light Dinner:

The best celebration is planned for the best day, and we have planned it perfectly. Cakes, chocolates, gift counters, and to top it all, a candle light dinner for all the lovebirds out there. Ain’t that special? Well, it is!

Indulge in the ambience of love

Dedicate a song to her on Promise day, and tell her that you will be there forever…Hold her arms and take her to the dance floor and dance like there is no tomorrow.

Being in love is a wonderful feeling, and it’s really important to make the other feel how much you love and care. Let this week of love be the best week in your life. 

Call us up, and reserve a table. Let us play a small part in your love story.

Call +919883753337 to book your tables now!

See you there!