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published time By Liveinstyle published time 09 Oct, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

You don’t go to a restaurant or a cafe or a pub just to eat food and have some drinks. You go there looking for something interesting, something that catches your eye, that wins over your heart over, that leaves you spellbound or makes you look twice. You look for stories to tell your friends, things to discuss about. Places where you eat are often the topic of discussion among you and your friends and family. The ones that make to the list of topics are usually the ones that are interesting and funky. LiveinStyle brings you a list of such places that you might want to visit the next time you want something interesting to tell people about.


Blistering Barnacles:


This amazingly cool pub is located in Indiranagar and is themed on Tintin with illustrations on the walls and with its Tintin themed menu card. The highlights of this place are that it serves cocktails at really affordable prices and it has outdoor seating which is just perfect for enjoying a romantic meal under the stars, in open air with the best of Chinese, Continental, and American dishes on your table. It is also famous for serving the best steak in town. So don’t forget to get a bite of that.


Irish House:

How often do you come across a pub that is British themed? Almost never unless you are in Whitefield. In accordance with the theme the food served here is American and European. The adornments on the walls along with the wooden interiors give a European feel to the whole place. Catching up on a sports match while sipping beer and munching on their grande nachos and onion rings can make for a perfect weekend plan along with your gang of friends.  


Hard Rock Cafe:

It is not just its rock and roll theme that the Hard Rock Cafe is known for. It is also famous for the American cuisine that it serves in the form of delicious burgers, chicken wings, hummus and so much more. The pictures on the walls and live music here gives you some serious rock vibes. Located on MG Road, this place is a paradise for all the rock lovers out there in the city. Try to catch the music gigs they have here. We are sure you will enjoy them.


The Warehouse:

Coming up with a crazy theme is not easy. So extra kudos to this cafe for being themed on a warehouse. The broken walls, the hanging wires and yellow bulbs, and tin sheds give you a rustic feel and make you feel like you are dining at an actual warehouse. Apart from Continental, Italian, and American food. It has amazing finger food as well. It also has outdoor seating and a smoking area too.

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So now that you know such amazingly cool places exist, you better visit them because it is these cool places that leave lasting impressions on your mind and create a place in your heart. It is at these places that you take your friends the next time you go and end up creating a lot of unforgettable memories that you cherish forever. encourages you to enjoy responsibly!