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The popularity of night clubs has gone up remarkably in the last decade, as can be seen by the newer ones that keep opening in major cities. At LiveInStyle, we constantly keep track of the best places to party around you  Rising incomes and the desire of the young to seek out more avenues for entertainment is only one reason. It probably has also to do with the fact that the local governments are increasingly looking at nightclubs as a potential source of business and employment.  Here are some of the popular nightclubs in India:

Mumbai - Trilogy

With a ceiling of undulating cubes that change colour to the pulsing music, Trilogy has carved a name for itself as a nightclub that is popular with Juhu’s celebrities and the city’s party animals alike.  Playing host to international DJs and local turntables, the two-floor club has established itself as the best nightclub in the city.

Trilogy - Best Nightclub India Awards

Kolkata - Myx

The penthouse nightclub in the heart of Park Street offers finger food to nibble on, while sampling their different cocktails. This dual level club with sleek interiors and faceted walls create a great atmosphere in which to party the night away.

Hyderabad - Over the Moon

On the eighth floor of Hyderabad’s Daspalla Hotel, rustic food using Indian ingredients comes together with seasonal cocktails for an unmatched experience in the heart of Jubilee Hills.

Bengaluru - The Sugar Factory

With neon colours, bright cartoons and a rustic-industrial-graffiti-inspired vibe, The Sugar Factory is a luxury bar that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Located in the Le Meridien hotel on Sankey Road, the pop interiors open onto an outdoor pool, for when the music and drinks get too much.

NCR - Kitty Su

By now, Kitty Su has made a name for itself in both Delhi and Mumbai, but the Delhi property  - where the luxury of space allows the club to sprawl across the Lalit Hotel - is the one which is featured in DJ Mag’s 100 best clubs in the world. Playing host to world-class DJs and with an extensive cocktail list, its central location near Connaught Place ensures it’s always busy. 

Pune - Mi-a-mi

All mood lighting and foot stomping music, Mi-a-mi is a welcome addition to Pune’s burgeoning nightlife scene. With young people looking for options at which to party, the club offers escapist ambience and a great playlist.

Goa - SinQ Nightclub

Taking its name from nearby Sinquerim Beach, this nightclub features a pool, semi-private private cabanas and the latest music. With minimalist furniture and an ambience that invites either lounging or dancing, this nightclub allows you to party no matter your mood.

Chennai - Pasha

Located in the Park Hotel Chennai, this impeccably designed club is hard to get into for stags. Once through its doors, metallic accents, neon lighting and loud music greet you. Nosh on some finger food or ask for the house special cocktails for a great night out in Chennai.

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