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published time By Sindhu S published time 14 Mar, 2016 Share image 2 Shares

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city catering to people from different walks of life. Be it diverse ethnicity, religion, race, geographical origin, personal idiosyncrasies fashion or style, we play host in many-a-way so that everybody can find their comfort zone and space. In that very light, we would like to highlight our top party faces, their style statement, and corresponding hangout spots. Read on and see if you can relate yourself.

The Hip & Trendy - The fashionista's of the city exhibit the hip, trendy and in-vogue looks of the season. You will find them at the most happening venues on Friday and Saturday nights, hence bringing in the weekend in absolute style. While clubbing used to be the unanimous choice, you'll find them shaking a leg at any place that knows how to break the floor with peppy numbers.

Top Spots: Black Rabbit, Bang, WarehouseShiro's

Hip and Trendy Party in Bangalore

The Casuals - Given the list of trend-setters, Bangalore also boasts an entire collection of spots where you can go dressed as comfortable as possible and still fit right in. Pub lovers can be seen sporting shorts and floaters and having a chilled out time in just slacks and a T-shirt.

Top Spots: Biere ClubHoppipolaWatson's, Monkey Bar

Biere Club Bangalore

Sunday Brunch Goer's - Sunday brunch is becoming a religion followed diligently by many, a trend that is here to stay. While the idea was to couple breakfast and lunch into a singular meal, Brunch, we took it up a notch adding alcohol in unlimited amounts. While there is no dress code, we see Bangalore sporting some of the trendiest clothes in bright colors, floral prints and summer dresses alongside shorts, t-shirts and even beach wear.

Top Spots: JW Marriot, Shiro's, City Bar, Blimey, Bangalore Breworks 

The after-work hours - Working around the clock deserves a break at the end of the day. And what better way than to head out of work and straight to your favorite brewery or pub to unwind. These workaholics might also find opportunities to network with other ambitious members who spend their evenings in work avatars, suited up, in semi's or formals.

Top Sports: ToitSocials WhitefieldExtreme Sports Bar Sarjapur RoadBrewsky Sarjapur Road 

The classy fine diners - Those with an exquisite taste for good food and great fashion will find themselves in this bucket. Sporting top brands on their sleeves or bags, breathing the best in designer were, these couples discover the finest spots allowing their palates to experience the best in food and beverages.

Top Spots: Rim Naam, Grasshopper, Olive Beach, Blue Ginger

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