11 - Feb

Success at Hard Rock Cafe Gurgaon

Unit No. 4/5/104/105, Ground And First Floor, DLF City Phase III, Gurgaon
09:00 pm - 12:00 am   

"Their music is a reconciliation between rock and dance floor sounds. Guided by the incredible Mister Eleganz, in a three-piece suit, Success charms, intrigues, provokes and in brief never leaves its audience indifferent. The band drew attention in 2008 with the hit ‘Girl From New Orleans’ that was immediately spotted by RCA / Colombia in the UK underground music of Manchester (Areebo, Raw Fish records). Then came the second hit ‘Hard to Come back’ which features in the blockbuster movie ‘Zombieland’ next to Mozart and Metallica. The first album ‘Social Network Junkies’ was released in 2012 on Sakifo records. Success’ second album titled ‘Love and Hate’ was released in 2015. The new songs have kept all the energy of previous albums with a darker color. In their sonic pot, rock has definitively seized power to become a ‘electroRAW power’. Since 2007 Success have played many festival and clubs in France (Rock en Seine, Transmusicales Marsatac) and have also performed in over 25 countries. In short, this second album promises bright dark evenings. Success on stage is an absolute crazy performance, a live set between rock and electronic music, however keep your ears wide open because you will never recover completely from the Electraw-Power of Success!! To you Success!!"


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