21 - Feb

New Order with Begum, Indiegenous & Smooth Relax @ Def Col Social

28 A, Defence Colony Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi
09:00 pm - 12:30 am   

Begum Three time travellers - Kartik, Karan & Tushar - on a mission to save the world. "Confluences of psychedelia, tradition, reggae, rock, experimentalism and more meets at Begum and the resulting out-put is somewhere to spend many a happy moment." Indiegenous An acoustic duo based in New Delhi. A guitar, an acoustic box and a couple of bells and that's them. Indigenous consists of two passionate musicians, Vedant and Ashim, who are trying to make their up in the Indie/folk scene. Their genre is primarily an acoustic setup with elements of folk and funk. This minimalistic indie folk outfit who refer to themselves as the 'mountain musicians' recently dropped their debut EP titled 'Himachal Diaries ' in December 2015. Smooth Relax Formed abruptly in one room of a two room house in Malviya Nagar, in Delhi, in October of 2013. Smooth Relax is Anand Viankara and Tushar Nair, and plays what could be described as punk. The album was recorded using a laptop, a microphone and an old amp. Anand Viankara plays guitar and Tushar Nair plays bass. The idea for Smooth Relax comes from wanting to make music we love with whatever resources we had at hand. And this is probably why Smooth Relax can be described as punk. Because, to us, punk is essentially powerful minimalism and about doing it yourself.


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