10 - Mar

2Stroke Tour feat. The Circus and Street Stories at Hard Rock Cafe Gurgaon

Unit No. 4/5/104/105, Ground And First Floor, DLF City Phase III, Gurgaon
09:00 pm - 12:00 am   

The Circus: Furious. Quirky. Angsty. Bouncy. Funky. Groovy. Eclectic. Vicious. Happy. Mellow. Think of a musical recipe, which has a healthy dollop of all these ingredients and you’re thinking of The Circus. A band that has been making waves on the Indian Music Circuit since 2007. The Circus put together some of the most refreshing and original music to emerge out of the Indian subcontinent in years. Live; they are the essence of what rock and roll is all about. They bring the fun and decadence that has all but died out in a scene where bands sound increasingly manufactured in an attempt to be appreciated. The Circus are none of that. This is no-frills rock with a sonic assault


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