The Best Bar Chains in India

As the nightlife industry matures, city-wide (and nation-wide) bar chains are becoming a common occurrence. The pull of the brand’s aesthetics, training and its cocktail list are what will draw people to the familiar. With neighbourhoods becoming destinations in themselves, bars need a presence in the burgeoning districts and those with national ambitions are scaling up to bring their brand to other cities as well. Though there aren’t that many bar chains in the country as yet, this will be an important award at the INCA convention. Here are the nominees

Mumbai/Delhi/Benguluru - Social

The Social juggernaut was birthed in Bengaluru but Mumbai is where the brand has opened seven outlets in the last two years. In Delhi too, there are five of the hybrid co-working/drinking spaces, and Riyaaz Amlani has plans to make them as ubiquitous as Starbucks, and so far, he’s succeeding.

Social - Best Bar in India

Hyderabad - 10 Downing Street

The English pub that started in Hyderabad has slowly taken over cities as varied as Indore and Bilaspur. With wood panelled interiors, a ready-to-drink beer list and warm vibe, the pub - named for the British Prime Minister’s residence - is going places.

Pune - Hidden Place-The Hangout

A neighbourhood bar with its own college ID menu, Hidden Place isn’t a secret so much as a favourite haunt. With its Thonet chairs and informal vibe, the bar is a favourite of college kids and after work drinkers alike.

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