Wild ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve

There are the 5 star hotels, the night clubs and the beach parties. But what if you’ve done and dusted them over the years? Need really wild ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2017? Here are a few that might just make the cut.

1) All night outside

New Year 2017 Celebration

You will need one sober friend who can drive and an SUV. Pick a destination which will take you about 5 to 6 hours to reach, stock up the SUV with friends, booze and food, and take off into the night. Party on the move!

2) Buckets and straws

Here’s a BYOB party idea with a little twist. All you will need is a couple of buckets and about 4 meters of thin, flexible pipe. Empty the bottles that your friends bring into buckets, cut the pipes into about a foot each and hand your guests the pipes. Everyone drinks out of the bucket. Make sure you don’t mix alcohol types to avoid a bad hangover the next morning. 

3) Torch light new year

This one will be a total blast if you’ve got a large group of guests. Take off all the lights in your house and ask the guests to bring torch lights. Once the drinking gets underway, you will have a dancefloor with disco lights.

4) A.B.C new year

A.B.C stands for anything but cups. You must ask your guests to bring things to drink out of, besides cups or glasses. They can bring helmets, vases, or even leather bags, but strictly no cups. You’ll be surprised how inventive and fun it can get.

5) Partying together

If you’re having two groups of friends over for this new year’s party, here’s a fun idea to get them to know each other. Pick up a lot of handcuffs and cuff people from one group to one of the other. This way they will get to know each other better and it’ll be all laughs when one wants to use the restroom but is handcuffed to another. 

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