Why You Should Visit India to Celebrate New Year?

If you long to visit somewhere different for new year, you should look into India. India has so many options for somebody looking for an alternative new year celebration. Whether you intend on going as a lone traveller or visiting with family/friends, you’ll always find something that you love. You’ll have an unforgettable new year with some of the following suggestions:


Beach Parties

India is famous for its beach parties, particularly in places like Goa. There’s live music, cheap alcohol and people of all ages lining the beach all looking to have a good time. These parties go on all night long, so it’ll make for a new year you won’t forget in a hurry. This place has been popular for years, ever since hippies discovered it in the 60s. It’s only got better since then! Tito’s Road in Baga is popular, especially if you want some commercial DJs playing and modern pubs and clubs lining the beach. You’ll even find tattooists and souvenir shops located along the road! If you want something more traditional, Anjuna and Vagator will give you just that. In the day you can listen to some chill out music and really relax, but at night time you can expect everything to turn into a trippy rave! If you’d like to meet some diehard hippies and backpackers, then the latter is the place to be for you. Take a look at our Party Directory to make sure you don’t miss out.


Places to Get Away from it All

Not only does India have places to party the night away, it also has places you can get away from it all. Places you can simply enjoy the peace and quiet and begin to feel at one with nature again. If you don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of new year, then you’ll love going away to relax. You’ll leave with a positive feeling about the new year coming up. Gulmarg is one of the best places for this, especially if you’re a fan of snow. You can ski here and it’s a popular destination for newlyweds too. Then there’s Sikkim, which is full of natural springs, waterfalls and rivers. Although there won’t be much partying here, it’ll still be a new year to remember! You can’t forget about Munnar either, which is regarded as one of the most peaceful cities in India. They say that the positive energy here will leave your body and soul feeling revitalised - what more could you ask for? Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the positive vibe of Munnar.


Live Music

India has so many places you can enjoy live music, whether you want something more modern or traditional. The atmosphere here is something else! Mumbai has so many places you can visit for live music and is also known for it’s shopping and traditional Indian culture. You could celebrate the new year in one of the many clubs and go on to explore something historical the next day. It’s so varied! New Delhi is famous for it’s performing arts scene, so you can see some awesome live performances here too.


Delicious Food

The food in India will be different to anything you’ve tasted before. You’ve more than likely experienced Indian food in other places, but you just can’t beat having it in the country itself. Search our Pub Finder to find the best one for you. Many people like to celebrate New Year with a large meal before moving on to other things.


Like Minded People

India will be full of like minded people for new year celebrations. This is why it’s so popular with people who are travelling alone. It’s really easy to make other traveller friends who are doing the same thing! There’s no need to be worried or convince a friend to join you; you’ll meet many people. Beach parties are hotspots for travellers. You’ll even meet a few people who will likely make you look at things differently. You’ll always meet a group of interesting people and you might even make friends for life!


Tons of Night Clubs

Not only do you have the option to party on the beach, you can check out one of the top nightclubs in India too. Checkout our Nightlife page to choose the best place to party. There are so many to choose from, where you’ll find live DJs and in some cases even live bands. Some of the best nightclubs are in the cities like Jaipur, Chennai and Kolkata. You can find clubs playing all kinds of music, from hip hop to trance!


Street Parties

If you don’t want a nightclub and you don’t want to party on the beach, how about a street party? The street parties for new year go on into the early hours. You’re bound to meet so many people as you see what’s about. Celebrations will carry on all the next day too - expect to have everybody wishing you a happy new year.


Beautiful Scenery

India has some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine, so it’s the perfect backdrop for a brilliant new year celebration! Whether you choose to spend it on the beach or in the mountains, you won’t believe that somewhere this beauty exists. As you enjoy a few amazing cocktails you can watch the sunrise, and feel as if you’re at one with nature, wherever you are!

Checkout out our Cocktail-Directory to find that perfect cocktail for you!

There are so many more reasons to visit India for new year, and so many more things to do too. We could stay here all day and list them all! Kerala is a place many travellers go to watch the first sunrise of the new year. Visiting Bangalore can give you a more traditional Indian feel if you’d prefer. There’s something here no matter what sort of trip you want. Whether you’d like a peaceful stay, something more religious, or an all out party to remember. You could even have a mixture of relaxation and partying. Then there are many shopping opportunities! Cheap drinks and cheap accommodation mean that you won’t break the bank throughout your stay either. There’s a reason travellers come back here year after year. Do you really need any more reason to visit India to celebrate the new year?


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