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The world really does put on some astonishing parties for new year’s eve - many of which you could attend! If you want to have an unforgettable new year’s eve party, you can’t go wrong with this list. Interested to know what your new year could be like? Here are some of the most incredible parties out there!


Mount Takao, Japan

In Japan, many people decide to head up to the mountains so they can witness the very first sunrise. Mount Takao isn’t very far from Tokyo, so it’s the most convenient place for lots of people to visit. Get a cable car up there and you’ll meet lots of people who want to see the view too. As all of this is going on, you can hear conch shells sound from the Yakuo-in temple, which is closeby.


The Northern Lights, Iceland

Fireworks can be fun, but why not enjoy something that nature has to offer instead? The Northern lights are a huge attraction in Iceland come new year’s eve, as they light up the sky in green, blue, yellow and pink. You’ll need to wrap up warm if you plan on attending, as Iceland is freezing cold. There will also be fireworks let off at some point, as this is the only night of the year they are allowed!


Beach Party, Goa, India

If you’re craving an outrageous beach party, Goa could be the perfect New Year destination for you. The beaches are full of travellers from all over the world, so even if you go alone you won’t stay that way for long! Everybody wants to have an amazing time, and it’s so easy to speak to people. Take a look at our party calendar to make sure you don’t miss out!


Akha, Northern Thailand

There isn’t one big party for the Akha tribe, there are multiple parties and festivals all throughout the month of December. There’s singing, dancing, and games. They worship their ancestors and praise living things too! The Akha refers to multiple tribes located within the golden triangle. They all have different costumes, languages, and traditions.


The Fireballs, Scotland

In Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, the locals celebrate the new year by swinging flaming balls of fire around their heads. Rags, card, and wood are used to create the fireballs. However, many locals have their own traditional ‘recipe’ for making it work. A lot of thought actually goes into creating the fireball. They even consider the length of the fence-wire hanger they use, as all fire swingers have different preferences. Very different to Scotland's Hogmanay celebration!


Copacabana, Brazil

In Brazil, many people gather on Copacabana beach wearing only white clothing for good luck. They then give gifts to ‘Lemanja’ - the goddess of the sea! They do this by placing them in miniature boats or by simply letting them float in the water. Later on, as the clock counts down, they throw thousands of flowers into the water as fireworks are let off. Afterwards, expect dancing and lots to drink! They really know how to party here.


Sydney Harbour, Australia

Of course Sydney would put on one of the most amazing new year shows out there! Whether you’re in a group of friends or with your family, there’s something here for you. There’s a water show, fireworks, and then a parade to top it all off. The harbour light parade has made this place one of the most famous places to visit at this time of year!


Festival of the Sahara, Tunisia

Four days of festivities ensue in Tunisia, including lots of camels and equestrian shows. There are tribal songs and dances, stunning robes, and some people even get wed!


Junkanoo, The Bahamas

Celebrated every boxing day and new year’s day, this street parade is full of color, African masks, and loud noises. There are even competition prizes and themed music, making it a full blown carnival. Whatever they do, the people make sure they don’t stray too far from their African roots.


Street Party, Amsterdam

The bars of Amsterdam fill up with people from all over the world on the last day of December, all ready to make the new year one to remember! There will be huge crowds everywhere, so be prepared. You could spend the evening in one place, or hop from crowd to crowd to see what’s around. There’s always a huge fireworks display at midnight, making the Amstel river light up in spectacular color. People then line the bridges and park benches after having one too many.


St. Petersburg, Russia

At first glance, you might think that this is just another firework display. However, the fireworks are let off just above the Neva River, which is partially frozen. Afterwards, people let off paper lanterns into the sky. This creates something really beautiful to look at.


Race the Clock, Barcelona

There’s a funny tradition in Spain at this time of year. They say you should eat a grape for every chime of the bell, and if you can put your grapes back before the bells are over, you will have a very good year! That isn’t all though; in Barcelona, people have meals with their loved ones that go on for hours. Then, just before the countdown, everybody heads to the Plaza de Catalunya. Everybody watches fireworks and parties long into the night!


Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas is one of the most famous party destinations in the world, so it’s only logical that you can have an amazing new year here. There are shows by the likes of Britney Spears, clubs, gambling, and one of the best firework displays you’ll ever see!


Full Moon Party, Thailand

The Full Moon Party in Thailand is one of the most famous parties in the world for a reason. Many places try to put on a similar event, but just don’t do it justice! Everybody gathers on Koh Phangan beach with face paints and glow sticks to dance until the morning!

Some of these new year’s parties are the most famous and talked about all over the world. Which one will you go to? Visit our New Year Party page for more information on best new year parties in the world.


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