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New Year 2017 is close by. Follow  this planning checklist to throw an awesome New Year Party and celebrate big time with your friends & family.

1. Bibulate, bibulate, bibulate

This ought to make more than one item on this checklist since booze (and lots of it) is what brings in the new year. 

2. A New Year Worthy Menu

That doesn't mean a menu themed by your new year resolutions. In that case you will need to serve quinoa salads and kale chips. To the contrary, the menu should reflect every cheat dish in the book before the dietary resolutions of the year kick in. This is quite simple to do­ carbs and fried food is all you need.

New Year Checklist - New Year Food Menu

3. Plan For Excess

Add at least 10% to your checklist while planning. Expect your guests to bring more guests and for party crashers. Make them feel welcome as this is the one night of the year that no one wants to be alone.

New Year Checklist - New Year-Food

4. Countdown Clock

Every new year party should have a main feature. The nucleus of your new year party at home could be a giant clock, counting down the time to the new year.

5. Resolutions

There is never a dull moment on new year’s eve. Your guests will be all set to bring their “A” game on. Just in case you find the mood getting a little quiet, bring out the party games. Play a round of “resolutions”, but remember to try and keep it fun, quirky, weird or even kinky. 

6. Organise Your House

Organise your house in a way to make more space and put away any breakables or precious items. Get a few extra flow mattresses since you can expect lots of people to stay over.

7. Two Letters­ D J

A DJ spinning tunes is going to ensure you have a packed dance floor and that’s going to leave you looking like a very cool host.

8. Don’t Drink And Drive

This can’t be stressed on enough! Have a designated driver, take a cab or prepare to stay the night where you are. Whatever you do Do Not Drink And Drive!

Image Credits: Creative Commons, Pinterest encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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