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Free New Year Party Pass


Are you looking forward to this coming new year? The new year is a brilliant time for people to reflect on their achievements and celebrate to start the next year off right. It isn’t very far away at all now! If you don’t already know what you’re doing for it, it’s probably a good idea for you to start planning. How about starting with a new year party? You could throw this party yourself, go to a friend’s party, or head out to a big club to see what’s going on! You have plenty of options new year’s eve. Read on for some great ideas:


Throwing Your Own Party

Throwing your own new year party is a great way to make sure you and your friends all have the most amazing time. However, you’ll need to plan it properly. If you fail to plan it properly, you’ll end up with very few guests and a poor start to the new year. Let’s take a look at what it takes to throw your own party:


Sending out Early Invites

As soon as you know you want to throw a new year party, send out invites as early on as you can. This will ensure you have plenty of guests actually turn up to your party. There’s so much going on over new year, that if you don’t invite them ASAP, you’ll end up with an empty party. Send them on paper or over text, it doesn’t matter. Just get them out there! Include all of the essential information and ask for RSVPs so you know exactly who to expect.


Choose a Suitable Venue

Now choose the venue. It could be your place, or you could hire a venue. It all depends on the kind of people you’re inviting and how many you’re inviting. If you’re inviting everyone and their spouses, you’re probably better off hiring a venue. That way you don’t have to worry about cleaning up your home afterwards! If you’re only inviting close family and friends, having it at your house could be a nice idea. Just make sure you plan for people crashing out. You might want to book taxis in advance so that you don’t end up with a 3 day long party (unless that’s what you want)!


Stock Up on the Party Essentials

You’re going to need to stock up on a few things to throw an awesome new year party. Make sure you have alcohol and drinks for people who don’t want alcohol too. If you run out, everybody will be disappointed and your night will end early. Make sure you have more than enough. Better yet, ask guests to bring their own or something to share. That way, you know you’ll have plenty. You may also want to put some food on so your guests don’t pass out before the clock strikes 12. Make these snacks as easy to clean up as possible. Finger food is best, not as messy and you won’t need to wash up much afterwards. You could even ask them to bring their own addition to the food table! If you choose a venue for your party, make sure they have enough booze on hand. They may offer catering services too, or you may need to do your own. You might also want to purchase props and funny items to include in pictures. Party poppers and party hats will likely be appreciated by most too!


Decorate the Venue

Decorating the venue is important, as it’ll set the party atmosphere. Whether you’re having it at home or in another venue, decorating will help you to set the scene. You could decorate with a theme in mind if you like, but it isn’t essential. Try to set the mood with your decorations! Ask a few people to help you so you can make the venue look truly spectacular.


Set a Dress Code for the Night

A dress code will make sure that everybody looks their best. When everybody looks their best, the atmosphere will be one of excitement! Everybody will feel great too, leading to better conversation and celebrations. You could throw a ‘red carpet’ style party, to ensure that everybody wears their very best outfits. However, It’s totally up to you!


Light Some Fireworks

New year Eve wouldn’t be complete without fireworks! Why not buy some of your own to set off in a safe place when the countdown begins? Just make sure you stay safe and don’t drink too much beforehand. This will ensure your party is one to remember. Always follow safety precautions to make sure everybody has the best time.


Going Out for the Night

Of course you don’t have to throw a new year’s party yourself. There are plenty of places you could go to celebrate with no planning required from yourself. There are plenty of bars and clubs that will be open until the morning light. Depending on where you are in the world, the celebrations will all be different. A few popular places people choose to party for new year are Vegas, New York, Thailand, and India. You can choose anything from casino parties to beach parties. You can literally spend your new year any way you like. You could simply go out in your home town and celebrate with the locals! Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Just bear in mind that there’s nothing quite as enlightening as celebrating new year in a different way, with people of a different culture. You can learn a lot and it’ll be an experience you remember forever!

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You could stay at home with a good book, or join in on a new year’s meditation if you really wanted to. But what could be better than celebrating with a big, lavish party? You can meet a ton of new people, and have a night you’ll never forget. Consider doing something different this year. Travel to a new place. Make the start of 2016 go off with a bang!


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