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Start the year with a warm feeling knowing that you did something nice for your single friends. Throw a different kind of New Year’s Eve party this time, play cupid and get your single friends to meet someone special. Here’s how you can do it.
1.Invite single friends

2017 New Year Party Invitation Ideas

New Year’s Eve isn’t a great time to be alone and single, so why not invite friends who you know are single and ask them to bring their single friends along as well. Do keep the ratio of men and women even, and have an age bracket. It would also be good to restrict the invitee list to friends, and friends of friends, and make sure you do a quick cross-check to ensure that no one of questionable character slips in.


2.Set some basic rules

New Year Party Rules

Of course it’s meant to be a fun party, but a few simple rules will draw the line between crazy and disastrous. Decide on the number of people you want to invite and inform your friends too. Now you don’t want harassment and unruly behavior at your party so consider communicating that too in advance. Make sure you circulate the rules of the party prior to it, so your guests know what behavior is appropriate, and what isn’t. 


3.Keep the atmosphere light

Save the loud music and party numbers for later, start with some easy listening tunes so that your guests can socialize and get to know each other. Stick with dull yellow lighting, it’ll help the shy ones socialize better.  

4.Include games


People sometimes have problem breaking ice, including a few games would help ease the discomfort among friends meeting each other for the first time. You could start with playing cards, Pictionary or Charades and then maybe try something a little naughty like ‘Spin the Bottle’.  


5.Go easy on the booze

You really don’t want people getting drunk and irritating other guests while ruining their chances of getting hooked up, do you? So get a couple of beers and some wine instead of hard liquor. It’ll help you save the trouble of unnecessary troubles and embarrassment.

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